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Aaron Carter Majorly Shades Justin Bieber: ‘I Paved The Way’ For Him & He ‘Copied Everything’ About Me

Aaron Carter totally called out Justin Bieber for 'copying him' when his mother, Jane Carter, compared him to the singer, in a preview clip for the upcoming season of 'Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition'.

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Aaron Carter, 31, does NOT want to be compared to Justin Bieber! The singer, who gained fame at the age of 9 after releasing his debut album, was joined by his mother Jane Carter for an on-camera interview on the upcoming season of the reality series Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition and after complaining about how he had to raise himself as a kid because he was “doing tour after tour after tour”, Jane made the mistake of mentioning Justin.

“I don’t think it was that much. You weren’t a Justin Bieber,” Jane responded in a preview clip of the show, which was posted on Oct. 1. “Thank you, that means a lot,” Aaron sarcastically said before tearing into his mother’s claim. “I’m no Justin Bieber, I’m a piece of sh*t,” he said. “I’m not saying it like that, I didn’t mean it like that,” Jane tried to reassure him. “I f*cking paved the way for that kid!” he went on before Jane agreed. “He copied my hairstyle!” he enthused. “He copied everything about you,” Jane responded. “Are you kidding? No, guess what? I am no Justin Bieber, I’m Aaron Carter,” the outspoken star concluded.

This isn’t the first time Aaron has mentioned 25-year-old Justin when being compared to the “Baby” crooner. He took to Twitter on Nov. 20 to respond to a fan who tweeted about how he didn’t understand why Aaron didn’t reach the level of success that Justin did in his music career. “Listen man. I can’t sit here & just not say anything to that, I’ve been in this industry before he was born,” his response read. “I’ve had harder times and always bounce back. No I’m not Justin Bieber I’m Aaron Carter. I’m also in construction. I paved the way. These kids have NEVER paid me homage.”

The new season of Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition featuring Aaron and Jane premieres on WE tv on Oct. 11.