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Joe Giudice Approved To Leave Teresa & Daughters & Be Deported To Italy After ICE Incarceration — New Docs

Joe Giudice was granted permission by a judge to leave ICE custody and await his deportation case in Italy, according to a new doc obtained by HollywoodLife.

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It looks like Joe Giudice, 47, may be able to leave the United States and await his deportation case in his native country of Italy, as a judge granted him permission to leave Immigrations & Customs Enforcement on Oct. 3, as seen in new docs obtained by HollywoodLife. The doc, which you can see below, reads: “Unopposed Motion by Petitioner to Lift Stay of Removal.” Immigration attorney Edward Shulman of Shulman Law Group told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that although permission was granted, “He then will wait for ICE to decide what they want to do.” 

On Sept. 24, Joe reportedly asked the court to grant him permission to leave ICE — where he’s been held since his release from federal prison after serving 41 months for fraud charges brought against him in 2014 — and await his pending deportation case in Italy, where he’d be deported to if a judge denies his appeal to stay in the country. 

Shulman also weighed in on the potential complications if Joe does leave the United States while awaiting his case. “In my opinion, if Joe leaves the U.S. then all his appeals are gone. Even if the Third Circuit Court of Appeals allows his case to be heard by the immigration judge, Joe has already sent himself away so I don’t see him being able to come back to the United States because he has already accomplished the goal of the U.S. which is get him out of the country,” he told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “It’s faulty thinking or reasoning on his part. He just wants to get out of jail but once he’s gone, he’s gone.”

court doc
New court docs in the Joe Giudice deportation case obtained by HollywoodLife. (Third Circuit Court Of Appeals)

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice is holding on to the last bit of hope that Joe will be able to stay in the country, mainly for his four children, Gia, 18, Gabriella, 15, Milania, 14, and Audriana, 10. “She’s holding out hope for her daughters’ sakes that Joe doesn’t have to go, but she’s come to terms with the fact that that probably isn’t happening as is Joe’s family,” a source close to Teresa and Joe EXCLUSIVELY spilled to HollywoodLife

Joe still speaks to Teresa and his four daughters regularly, although it’s been tough on him not being there to watch them grow up. “He is crying constantly and has never been this down,” another source revealed to HollywoodLife. “Joe talks to the girls daily, sometimes multiple times a day, he continues to struggle to come to terms with all of this.”

In April of 2019, Teresa penned a letter to Judge John Ellington, begging him to let her husband stay in the country for the sake of their children. “My husband is the true love of my life and the most amazing father that I could ask God for our four daughters. I cannot imagine life without him,” she wrote. “Judge Ellington, my daughters need their father. They cry for him every day like he cried for his father. I cannot bear the thought of my daughters losing their father, I am fearful that it will break them and that I alone will not be able to fix them.”