The Real Aaron Samuels, AKA Jonathan Bennett, Reveals How He’s Celebrating ‘Mean Girls’ Day On Oct. 3

Jonathan Bennett, who played Aaron Samuels in 'Mean Girls', shares how he's celebrating Oct. 3 & shares a clip of his new movie!

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Aaron Samuels
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His hairs looks sexy pushed back, he’s *grool* as hell — he’s Jonathan Bennett, the OG Aaron Samuels, and he absolutely knows that today is October 3rd! The Mean Girls star revealed to in an EXCLUSIVE interview how he’s celebrating the big day, which commemorates the moment when Aaron Samuels asked Cady Heron what day it was in math class… and it was October 3rd. This October 3rd I’ll be working on Station 19, Shonda Rhimes show on ABC!” he teased. “I’ll also be raising money to build a well in Africa, with the other cast members of Mean Girls. We are so excited to team up with the Thirst Project to build a well in honor of Mean Girls Day, with the support of all of our fans. 663 million people are without water on our planet and we want to change that. Head to this website and give 3 dollars in honor of October 3!”

The original cast of the 2004 comedy reunited in an exciting video for the big day, too, and shared why it was so important to give back on Oct. 3! Jonathan opens up the video saying, “Today, of course I’ll ask you what day it is,” and his co-star Amanda Seyfried picked things up, adding, “This October third, we’re teaming up with the Thirst Project.” “Thirst Project builds fresh water wells in developing countries to bring clean water to those who need it most,” Lacey Chabert continued, and Lindsay Lohan chimed in — “We all know Cady was from Africa, but this year we want to help building a well in Uganda — and I want your help!” Such a wonderful way to celebrate October 3rd!

Jonathan also discussed his new film, Surprise Me!, which comes out on VOD on October 4. Starring alongside The Good Doctor’s Fiona Gubelmann, the actor plays Danny, one of the potential suitors for Fiona’s Genie — a top-notch surprise party planner who hates surprises, herself. “Fiona Gubelmann and I had so much fun working on the set,” Jonathan gushed over his co-star. “I think the hardest part about working with her is that the two of us had so much fun that we couldn’t get through things without laughing. She has such a fun spark about her that the two of us were like fire and gasoline.”

In an EXCLUSIVE clip for, a platonic Danny and Genie enjoy a friend-date on bikes and over a shared omelette. Like typical friends, they bicker over what’s important in a relationship and compare each other’s sex lives — which Danny believes Genie needs more of! Could there be a romance in the future for these two!? You’ll have to wait and see when you watch Surprise Me!, available on VOD Oct. 4!