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‘AMLT’s Grace Park Teases Katherine & Eddie’s Future & Hints At A ‘Big Lifestyle Change’

Katherine was hit with the bombshell reveal that Eddie and Delilah have a baby together. HL spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Grace Park about Katherine's future with Eddie, whether they can make it work, and more.

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Grace Park
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A Million Little Things season 2 began with Eddie finally telling Katherine the truth about Delilah’s baby. As expected, Katherine was devastated and ended up leaving for a much-needed break from it all. HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Grace Park about the aftermath of the premiere and what it means for Katherine and Eddie. “With Katherine and Eddie, nothing is that simple and cut and dry,” Grace said. “You’re not going to see it resolved in an episode or two. They’re not going to be holding hands like it’s happily ever after when they’ve gotten themselves into this pretty messy situation. We’re going to be able to see the ins and outs of it. And sometimes it’ll go one way and then it’ll go the other way.”

Eddie’s reveal was a bit of a double-edged sword because both he and Katherine agreed to no more secrets between them. But Katherine was blindsided by one last secret Eddie was keeping from her. This moment is actually going to make Katherine take a good look at herself. “She was hit with it, but he knew for a while. We do these things and a lot of times we don’t want to face the consequences,” Grace continued. “So we try to pretend that it didn’t happen or you see how much you’d get away with. Unfortunately, Kathryn was so busy spinning so many plates that she just didn’t realize her marriage had fallen apart. Her husband needed more attention and he did more than she was willing to or she was able to give him because she was focused on keeping the family, fed, and the bills paid. So I think it was not only like the bombshell of her husband having a baby with someone else, but she has to take a good look at how she’s living her life and what are the things she thought she could count on but needs to revisit. It requires a big lifestyle change and a strong look at your self and reality.”

As for whether or not Grace thinks Eddie and Katherine can make it work, that’s not ultimately up to her. That’s in the hands of creator DJ Nash. “Every time I think it’s going one way, he tells me there’s something else coming up,” Grace said. “Anyway, I think if two people committed, they can make it work, but should they make it work is a different question. And then sometimes it’s more important to ask why are the reasons they want to make it work. Because you can make it work, but if you’re doing it for the wrong reasons, then I don’t think that is as great as the exact same people deciding what they’re really going for and then making an adjustment and figuring out what they need to do to get themselves there. Because you can have a relationship and look fine on the outside, but if you’re not authentic and you’re not showing up and you’re not really caring about the other person, neither party is going to really be fulfilled.”

Where does Delilah fit into this complicated puzzle? Katherine’s relationship with Delilah may take an interesting direction this season. “Before it was easy to make Delilah the enemy, to make her someone that she judged,” Grace told HollywoodLife. “But now when a new life and your husband is the baby’s father, there’s another aspect that we have to deal with and I think it would’ve been easy to keep Delilah far, far away and let her just be like the wicked witch. There are going to be probably many incidents or many situations that she’s going to have to start humanizing her or actually have to start conversing with her and bringing up these questions. And she does have questions.” A Million Little Things airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on ABC.