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BTS’ Suga Goes Fishing, Takes A Nap, Chows Down On Food & More In Vacation Vlog — Watch

As if taking over TikTok wasn't enough, now the BTS guys are releasing vlogs from their vacations. Suga's vlog couldn't be cuter, and ARMYs are all about it.

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International superstars, chart toppers, TikTok icons… BTS can now add vloggers to their resumes! The Bangtan Boys are ending their month-long hiatus and treating fans to the most special surprise to make the occasion. The band announced that each member — Suga, J-Hope, Jin, V, RM, Jungkook, and Jimin — will release a vlog from their vacations! The first man to get the job done was Suga, who surprised his ARMYs with his vacation vlog on October 1. The video, which you can watch above, is downright adorable. Suga spent his vacation mostly relaxing, as he rightly deserved after a busy few years dominating the music world!

Suga starts the nine-minute vlog by boarding a fishing boat in the early hours of the morning, immediately putting on a surgical mask and lying down for a nap. So Yoongi. He wolfs down a bowl of noodles before getting up and going to the ship’s deck to throw some bait into the ocean. A surprise guest makes an appearance in the vlog to join Suga on his fishing expedition: Jin! The BTS BFFs try their hardest to catch something substantial, and wind up pulling in a whole bucket of fish. After Yoongi takes yet another nap, they cook their catch and it looks pretty tasty.

Obviously, ARMYs were stoked to see this glimpse into Suga’s private life. “CAN WE TALK ABOUT HOW CUTE AND SMOL YOONGI IS AND HOW HANDSOME JIN IS?! 😍,” one fan wrote in the comments on YouTube. Yes, please! ”

The vlogging fun continues from October 2 to October 11. You can see the full schedule in the tweet above. We can’t wait to see every detail of RM’s Italian vacation, especially since ARMYs were so considerate and let him enjoy his trip while it was happening!