Gigi Hadid Saves Chanel Show From Wild Catwalk-Crasher During Paris Fashion Week — Watch

Gigi Hadid saved the day when she kicked out a woman from the audience who stormed the runway at the Chanel fashion show during Paris Fashion Week on Oct. 1.

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Image Credit: David Fisher/Shutterstock

The Chanel Spring Summer 2020 show during Paris Fashion Week on October 1, was going smoothly until a woman crashed the runway, leading Gigi Hadid, 24, to come to the rescue. The woman was identified as Marie Benoliel, a French comedian also known as Marie S’Infiltre. The show took place at the Grand Palais, and according to our sister site, Footwear News, Marie was seated in the audience near Anna Wintour and Cardi B. Marie got up from her seat, only to storm the stage wearing a black and white houndstooth tweed suit from the designer, a black hat, and a navy blue T-shirt tucked into her skirt. While many people at first thought she was part of the show, Gigi was walking the runway at the time. Gigi immediately realized that the woman was crashing the show, so she stood in front of her, gave her a gentle push and stood in her way, as Marie was seen posing with her hands on her hips while doing kissy faces.

Gigi remained calm as she was seen saying something to Marie while pointing to the exit, but when Marie didn’t move after Gigi nudged her and stood in her way, Gigi proceeded to place her hand on her shoulder and start walking her off the runway. When Marie tried to break away from Gigi’s hand, Gigi put a firm grip around Marie’s shoulder, leading her off the catwalk and giving her another gentle push when they got towards the exit. When other models on the runway, including Kaia Gerber, saw what was happening, they huddled together by the steps Gigi brought Marie to and stayed there until security escorted her out.

It seemed as though Marie was going to walk the entire catwalk unscathed, as the video shows her walking in front of the other models until Gigi cornered her from the opposite side and kicked her off.

Gigi Hadid kicked runway crasher, Marie Benoliel, off the catwalk at the Chanel show during Paris Fashion Week on Oct. 1. (David Fisher/Shutterstock)

While the situation was a bit scary, especially since this is the second time Marie has crashed a runway this week, (she stormed the Etam catwalk on Sept. 25), Gigi handled it perfectly and gracefully.