Robby Hayes Says He Doesn’t Think Lindsie Chrisley Will ‘Repair’ Things With Family After Sex Tape Drama

Robby Hayes EXCLUSIVELY opened up to HL about how Lindsie Chrisley is dealing with their headline-making sex tape accusation and revealed he's been helping her get through it.

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Robby Hayes, 30, revealed that Lindsie Chrisley, 30, has been having a difficult time ever since her dad Todd Chrisley, 50, publicly claimed that she cheated on her husband Will Campbell and made a sex tape with the Bachelorette star. Although the tape in question has yet to be leaked, Robby insisted that the damage between Lindsie and her family has already been done and he doesn’t think there’s any turning back.

“I don’t think Lindsie will be able to repair stuff with her family,” he EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife while hosting an event celebrating Barry’s Bootcamp and their private label rosé. “Because one, prior to this, and because of some of this, before it was probably known she’d been removing herself from the family. And then the fact that, you know, the hail Mary that the family wanted to throw up was the sex tape, was just salt in the wound, right. So I don’t think so. I don’t think she’s interested in it either. I think in the last two and a half years, she’s kind of distanced herself and made herself comfortable in that position.”

Although Robby doesn’t think there’s hope for Lindsie, who he confirmed is just a friend, and her family, he admitted that he hasn’t directly talked to her about whether or not she thinks she’ll talk to them ever again. “Not that I understand. Not that we’ve talked about,” he explained. “Nor has she been like, ‘I never want to talk to them again’. There’s no opposite ends of the spectrum, but it just hasn’t been discussed.”

Robby went on to talk about Lindsie’s difficulty with the situation and how it’s been a tough thing for her to deal with, especially since she’s had an on-again, off-again relationship with Will. “I mean, it sucks for her. She’s already got life hard enough, you know, she’s a single mom living in the spotlight, and it’s never an easy situation,” he admitted. “But she’s doing better. I know that she wishes she didn’t have to go through it, but especially with her family being on the other end. But I’ve kind of tried to be there for her, you know, I’m going through it with her. My name’s being dragged through just as much as she is. So, she’s hanging in there.”

Robby’s name has definitely been right up there with Lindsie’s but on the Aug. 21 episode of the Bleav in Housewives and Vanderpump podcast, he claimed that they never made a sex tape like Todd insisted but they were caught getting cozy on a security camera. “Like, we got caught on the security camera, basically,” he said on the podcast. “It was a puppy camera in her friend’s living room, the couch we crashed on. So, you know, no consent from either end, which kind of debunks the whole thing.”

“If the video comes out, it comes out. People already know about it,” he continued to tell us in the interview. “There’s not much I can do, right? Kind of an innocent by standard catching flack from what should be an internal family affair.”

Despite the possibility of it coming out in the future, Robby has already prepared himself and those closest to him. “If it comes out, I’ve already prepped my parents for this,” he said. “Two years in the making, we heard two years ago it was threatened to come out and I had to, you know, Mom, Dad, don’t watch TMZ in the morning. I’m sorry but this might come out. I had to have that conversation. So you know, it comes out, it’s not going to be very exciting. Security camera footage, I’m pretty sure if I remember correctly, our buddy was asleep next to us. So we were trying to be quiet and secretive about it. Under the covers, you’re not going to see much. It’s not like I’m sitting there, ‘Get the angles babe’ with the cameras. It’s security footage.”

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