T.I. & Tiny’s Daughter Heiress, 3, Sings Happy Birthday To Dad In Adorable Instagram — Watch

A private concert! T.I. was serenaded by his daughter, Heiress, with four renditions of 'Happy Birthday,' all captured on the toddlers' Instagram page.

tiny and daughter heiress
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We can’t imagine T.I., 39, not having a good birthday after the best gift from his daughter. On Sept. 25 T.I. and Tiny‘s, 44, daughter, Heiress Diana Harris, 3, sang four different versions of Happy Birthday to her dad while wearing a Disney Princess Jasmine outfit and the video is too cute. Sitting on the bed with her parents behind the camera, Heiress belts out her first rendition of the song. Captured in Instagram’s carousel format, the first video catches the end of song. “That was excellent. That was Excellent,” T.I. proudly proclaimed afterwards. “Phenomenal. Phenomenal.” In another video, Heiress puts a bit of a spin on the tune. No, the video doesn’t speed up, Heiress just decided to do a fast rendition of the song. “Why so fast?” Tiny asked the three-year-old. “I don’t know,” Heiress answered before proceeding to sing again.

This isn’t the first time Heiress’ singing talents were on full display. Back on Sept. 4 while her mom, born Tameka Harris, was performing, Heiress went all out while singing along to her music. A video captured by Latisha Wright, Tiny’s makeup artist, was shared to Instagram with the toddler showing off her vocal skill. Heiress got so into the music, she even made facial expressions and hand gestures to go along with her soulful stage-side duet.

This sweet moment, however, was proceeded by Heiress belting out her own version of a recently popular tune. The toddler was captured on Tiny’s Instagram story on June 29 crooning to the lyrics of the Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus hit “Old Town Road.” While she was getting her pigtails done by the sink, Heiress started to sing “Old Town Road” completely out of nowhere. But after singing the song’s catchy hook, the three-year-old confessed, “I only know that verse. I don’t know the rest of it.” Tiny, of course, sweetly offered some advice saying, “Okay you can learn it.”

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It’s pretty clear T.I. and Tiny’s musical genes were passed down to Heiress. The proud parents are incredibly encouraging of their children. The pair often share photos of their family on Instagram and consistently gush over their youngster. As for followers of Heriess’ Instagram account, hopefully their feeds will continue to be blessed with more mini-concerts from the little singer in the future!

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