Why ‘Teen Mom’ Briana DeJesus Was Only ‘A Little Surprised’ To Learn Ex Javi Reportedly Cheated On His Fiancee

Briana DeJesus wasn't 'so surprised' that her ex, Javi Marroquin, allegedly cheated on his next partner, Lauren Comeau. But Briana did find one part about the report 'shocking.'

Briana DeJesus, Javi Marroquin
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Briana DeJesus, 25, was once at the center of breakup news with fellow Teen Mom 2 star Javi Marroquin, 26, after she announced the end of their four-month relationship in Jan. 2018. Now, Briana saw Javi go through the demise of another relationship — this time, from the public’s perspective — after a report claimed her ex cheated on his fiancée, Lauren Comeau, with a “naked” woman in their own home in Aug. 2019. “I was a little surprised only because of the story that I heard,” Briana EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife, recalling the Radar Online report many fans didn’t anticipate. Explaining her initial surprise, Javi’s ex told us, “I was a little surprised only because of the story that I heard. Like it happened in his house with her in the same, you know, with him in the house. So that was kind of shocking to hear.”

As for how the story goes, Javi and Lauren reportedly hosted a party for their friends at their Delaware home before the alleged confrontation went down on Aug. 17, according to Radar Online. “At some point, Lauren went upstairs to go to sleep. When Lauren came back downstairs, she found Javi and a woman naked,” the outlet reported. Despite the jarring details — Javi and Lauren had just welcomed their first child together, a baby boy named Eli, in Nov. 2018 — Briana clarified that she’s not “so surprised” by the report.

That doesn’t mean Javi briefed Briana on the news before it became public knowledge. “I haven’t spoken to Javi in [months],” Briana revealed to HollywoodLife. “I don’t know how long it’s been, but no, I haven’t spoken.” In an episode of Teen Mom 2 that aired in July 2018, Javi revealed that he ended the relationship because he thought their futures didn’t sync (they also had a riff over Briana’s planned procedures for a breast lift, lipo, and tummy tuck at the time).


Now that Javi is fully out of Briana’s life, we asked her if there’s any hope for her friendship with castmate Kailyn Lowry, 27. They publicly feuded after Briana’s breakup with Javi, who was once married to Kailyn, but Javi has clearly landed himself in much different drama now. “To be civilized? Yes, we can definitely work together under the same roof,” Briana admitted of her current relationship with Javi’s other ex. “As far as friends of that nature, going on trips and stuff like that, probably not. Probably not. But I’m down to sit on the couch for the reunion.” It’s a step!

Although Javi has neither revealed if he and Lauren officially split, or actually cheated, he did pen a lengthy Insta-apology. Javi declared he’ll never be “sorry enough” and that he’d do anything “to have [Lauren] home.” It’s unclear if the message moved Lauren, because she appeared to shade the MTV star in her own Instagram post following their alleged post-party fight that reportedly led to a home visit from cops.

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