Tamron Hall, 48, Reveals Why She Kept Her Pregnancy A Secret After Undergoing IVF: I Was So ‘Nervous’

Tamron Hall gets raw and personal about her secretive pregnancy, becoming a first-time mom in her 40s and going back to work for her new daytime talk show.

Tamron Hall
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“We all have a story to tell, so lets talk about it,” is the motto for Tamron Hall‘s new daytime show — and that includes the longtime talk show host herself. The 48-year-old became a first time-mother to 4-month old son Moses with husband Steven Green in April, and much to the public’s surprise, she didn’t announce the news until she was 32 weeks along. “I kept my pregnancy a secret for a long time because, like many women, I was afraid that I would have a miscarriage and then have to go back and tell everyone what happened,” Tamron reveals to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “My doctor told me I was a high risk pregnancy due to my age and other medical factors, and I’d had other failed rounds of IVF, so I was nervous. I was worried about having to go through that painful process if things didn’t work out.”

IVF stands for in-vitro fertilization, and is a costly medical procedure women and couples turn to when they are unable to conceive a baby naturally. While IVF is effective for some women, it isn’t a guarantee — and can be an emotional journey for many, including Tamron. “Everyone’s journey is different. Not every doctor or procedure that worked well for me, or a friend or a colleague, will necessarily work well for you,” she explained. “Everyone’s path to parenting is a unique and individual experience — whether you choose IVF or adoption or having a baby through a surrogate or becoming a step-parent.”

Tamron will be addressing her story on her new eponymous talk show which made its long-awaited debut on September 9. The series aims to be a platform for viewers to have heartfelt connections with real people, inspirational stories, and conversations that matter. “If you’re curious about IVF, you can start by watching our show on Monday [September 16] and listening to the experiences of parents who have gone through the process to learn more about it.” The series is Tamron’s return to television after she departed her long-standing role at The Today Show in 2017.

The former Today Show host secretly tied the knot with music executive Steven Green after confirming that she was dating someone in the entertainment industry on the Steve Harvey Show back in 2017. While they have yet to confirm when they actually married, news of Tamron’s pregnancy was confirmed via her Instagram account on March 4. “My husband Steven and I are beyond excited! We’re in constant prayer, so if you pray, add us to your list,” she posted at the time. The pregnancy was considered high risk due to Tamron’s age, and her previous failed IVF rounds — but she describes becoming a mom in her late 40s as “exciting and rewarding.” “I never knew that I could ever love someone as much as I love my son Moses. One of the best parts has been getting to learn from other moms who have shared their experiences and given me advice,” Tamron told us. “After I shared my story, women I met would tell me that they’d also had IVF or had become mothers in their 40s. It was a reminder that we are not alone.”

By sharing her own story, Tamron wants every woman to understand that their story is, in fact, their own. “I think women of every age should remember that everyone’s path to motherhood is unique and personal,” Tamron said. “Don’t let anyone judge you for choosing to do what you know is right for you.” The Tamron Hall Show airs weekdays.

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