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Caitlyn Jenner Gets Brutally Mocked For Being A Terrible Dad On ‘Comedy Central Roast’

Was this the 'Roast of Alec Baldwin,' or the roast of Caitlyn Jenner? The 'KUWTK' star was on a panel of A-listers to diss the actor on Comedy Central, but her own family relationships were called into question!

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Caitlyn Jenner’s distant relationship with some of her six biological kids served as the butt of jokes on the Sept. 15 episode of Comedy Central Roast. Alec Baldwin, 65, was actually the designated recipient of roasts for the night, but the celebrity guests let Caitlyn, 69, shoulder some of that burden — especially comedian Nikki Glaser, 35. “People forget how fast you ran… from your first family to film a reality show,” Nikki joked during the show, referring to Caitlyn’s past as an Olympic gold-medalist. Before Keeping Up with the Kardashians took off, Caitlyn first welcomed Burt, 41, Cassandra, 39, Brandon, 38, and Brody, 36.

Caitlyn’s support for Donald Trump during the 2016 election — a choice she later openly regretted — was also mocked during the Comedy Central show. Nikki used Caitlyn’s support for the Republican party as another opportunity to roast her family relationships! “What does that party have to do to lose your support — be your son?” the comedian asked. Caitlyn previously admitted to being “a little more distant” to some of her children in a 2017 interview with Diane Sawyer, and even Brody brought this to light on the July 1 episode of The Hills: New Beginnings. “I didn’t really grow up with my dad,” the MTV star said on the show. “When I was really little, we got to spend a little bit of time. But when he started the family with the Kardashian family and all that, I didn’t really see much of him.”

In yet another jab, Nikki joked that “even Casey Anthony knows” where her daughter is. But Caitlyn stood her ground when it was her turn at the mic. In defense against jokes that Caitlyn “cut” her penis off, she declared, “It made Kylie Jenner, the youngest self-made billionaire in history. It made Kendall Jenner, the highest paid model in the world.” Acknowledging her involvement in the KarJenner family, Caitlyn continued, “I raised 10 children, I’m currently — well, I’m coming up on 20 grandchildren. I didn’t cut it off — I just retired it.”

Caitlyn Jenner, Alec Baldwin
Caitlyn Jenner takes the podium during Comedy Central’s ‘Roast of Alec Baldwin.’ (REX/Shutterstock)

The other celebrity guests of the night were Ireland Baldwin, Robert De Niro, Blake Griffin, Ken Jeong, Caroline Rhea and Adam Carolla, including Roastmaster General Jeff Ross. While Nikki zeroed in on Caitlyn’s politics and family, others poked fun at Caitlyn’s transition, leading to backlash on Twitter. Seemingly anticipating this, Caitlyn said at the mic, “I want other members of the trans community to know that if I’m strong enough to sit up here and be ridiculed all night that you can handle anything.”