Barbara Palvin: VS Model Reveals The Exact Exercises She Does To Get Her Toned Abs, Arms & Legs 

Barbara Palvin officially became a Victoria's Secret Angel this year, and she's spilling all of her model secrets to HollywoodLife! From her exact workouts to what she loves to indulge in — Barbara's fitness tips are unmatched.

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Barbara Palvin for Victoria's Secret
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Image Credit: Courtesy of Victoria's Secret

From the runway to the pages of Sports Illustrated Swim, Victoria’s Secret and beyond, Barbara Palvin is ruling the modeling world! In a candid new interview with HollywoodLife, the Hungarian beauty, 25, reveals that while she works out incredibly hard, she still loves a good slice of pizza once in a while. As for Barbara’s health secrets, she tells us that it’s all about balance, having a healthy relationship with food, and focusing more on long term health.

Arms: “I try to lean my arms out with few exercises such as, side raises, overhead extensions, bicep curls, and two-arm kettle bell swings,” she says. “I try to work on my push-ups as well.” Pro tip — The model uses free weights with all of her arm exercises.

Legs and abs: “I always do a lot of sets of side lunges, squats, lateral plyo squats and hip extensions,” she reveals, noting that these particular exercises work best for her body. Moving onto abs, Barbara admits that she likes to start with basic sit-ups. “After that, I do everyone’s favorite — planking. I do this for about a minute, rest a bit and then I do it again one more time. I also do a lot of dumbbell side bends and crunches,” she explains.

Cheat meal(s): “To be quite honest, I don’t do cheat days or have cheat meals,” Barbara admits, explaining, “I’m in a really good relationship with food. I eat really healthy most of the time, which makes me feel my best. If I feel like having a slice of pizza or cake, I have it. It’s all about balance and intuitive eating for me. Long term health is the way to go!”

Barbara Palvin for Victoria's Secret

Victoria’s Secret unveils all new Fall Collection with Angels across the country with Barbara Palvin. (Photo credit: Courtesy of Victoria’s Secret) 

Before she preps for a big shoot, Barbara doesn’t go crazy with treatments or cleanses. Instead, her solution to a preparing for the camera is simply “a lot of water for optimum hydration and a lot of sleep!”, she says.  

Barbara Palvin for Victoria's Secret

Victoria’s Secret unveils all new Fall Collection with Angels across the country with Barbara Palvin. (Photo credit: Courtesy of Victoria’s Secret) 

HollywoodLife caught up with Barbara when she was with her Victoria’s Secret family at the launch of their new nationwide Fall Collection — a modern, sexy, fashion forward collection of styles.

What about the new Fall Collection makes you feel sexy?

BP: “Victoria’s Secret always makes me feel sexy. I’m super excited when any new collection launches. The new Fall Collection is all about the really fine details, lace, sheer mesh and straps…super sexy and comfortable and a lot of pieces that you can style into your everyday outfits. Women will love it!”

What’s your favorite piece in the collection and why?

BP: “I really do love the new floral lace pieces!! So beautiful! I actually wore one of them in Miami for the VS Fall Collection Trunk Show and I didn’t want to take it off afterwards.”

Any behind the scenes fun details from the shoot you can share?

BP: “I love to shoot with Victoria’s Secret. I feel super lucky that two of my best friends are Victoria’s Secret Angels, so it always feels like I’m going home when I shoot with the brand. We have so much fun, we crack jokes and just enjoy our time together.”

Do you feel a lot of pressure being a VS model? 

BP: “Absolutely not. Being a Victoria’s Secret Angel has been one of my biggest dreams. I’m forever grateful for the people who have trusted and supported me. I love my job , I work hard for it and I don’t take anything for granted. Nobody pressures me to be or look a certain way. I take care of myself in every kind of way and that’s what I present to my Victoria’s Secret family, my followers and people in general.”