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Prince Harry & Meghan Markle: The New Royal Tradition They Just Broke & Fans Love It

Prince Harry is breaking from another royal tradition just like his wife Meghan Markle did. We've got the action he made that has fans applauding him as 'humble.'

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When Meghan Markle broke from royal tradition by closing her own car door at an event, fans applauded it as “humble.” Now Prince Harry is following his 38-year-old wife’s lead by doing the same. He attended the 5th Anniversary of the Invictus Games at the Guildhall in London on Sept. 10 and when he got out of the car he closed the door behind him. Meghan made the same move in Sept. of 2018 on her first solo outing as a royal when she attended and Royal Academy of Arts.

Some praised her as “humble” and “down to Earth” for the gesture of not letting her security detail open and close the door for her. Now that Harry has done the same, fan sites for the couple are loving it. Some wrote that they were “twinning” while another user wrote “Wow, same energy” at the photo of Harry closing the car door. Another fan commented, “Love, love, love this picture and I love, love, love Meghan and Harry.”

The Instagram page HarryMeghanDaily wrote “The couple who closes doors together, stays together!” next to a side by side pic of the couple closing their own car doors. “Right On Together….” a fan commented while another added “Yes duchess couple closes car doors stay together love win in the end.😍😍😍😍😍.”

Prince Harry
Prince Harry closes his own car door while arriving at an event in London on Sept. 10, 2019.

While it’s not a formal break in royal protocol, closing their own car doors hampers security precautions. Having their detail open and close their car doors for them allows the protection officers to quickly move them back inside the vehicle should any sort of dangerous situation arise when they arrive or depart an event. Which is likely why Meghan has let her security open and close her car doors ever since.

At the time Meghan closed her car door, William Hanson, etiquette and protocol coach for Daily Mail, said “This is not a protocol breach. Usually royalty and dignitaries have someone to open/close car doors for security reasons: nothing to do with ‘princess behavior.’ Meghan clearly just shut the door out of force of habit.”