Ian Somerhalder Says Fans Of ‘Vampire Diaries’ Romance With Nina Dobrev Are ‘Problematic’ To His Life

Damon and Elena were endgame on 'The Vampire Diaries', but Ian Somerhalder was not for it! The actor said fans of his onscreen relationship with Nina Dobrev's character became 'problematic' IRL.

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Delena? Stelena? The Vampire Diaries fans all have their personal ship when it comes to Elena’s love triangle with Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley) and Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder). Ian has finally weighed in on who he thinks Elena (Nina Dobrev) should have wound up with, and his answer may come as a shock. Ian would very much like Damon to be removed from this narrative, and he explained why at The Vampire Diaries convention on September 7. Basically, when Damon and Elena were together on the show, their intense fans would make things hard for Ian and his real-life wife, Nikki Reed, because they were so passionate about their favorite couple.

“Stelena was better for my life because Delena fans can really be umm… to me and my wife and my family and stuff,” Ian explained at a panel celebrating the 10th anniversary of TVD’s premiere. “So I love Stelena. Stelena was fun. Stelena fans are like super cool. Delena fans were actually problematic. Yeah. To my family and me, and it just got really weird for a little while. I shipped Elena and Damon like crazy until the ship just got negative. So I love Stelena. It’s easier for my life. And I got to see Paul all the time cause he and Elena were always making out and stuff.”

That last part is kind of hilarious, considering that Nina and Ian dated offscreen, too, not to mention that she recently joked that she and Paul “despised each other.” Don’t take it the wrong way if you were obsessed with Damon and Elena. What Ian is saying is that some fans crossed the line and made their love for The Vampire Diaries and his character personal. Of course, fans know that Delena shippers got their wish in the end. When the CW series ended, Damon became a human and lived happily ever after with Elena in Mystic Falls. And it’s canon that they stayed together; on the TVD spinoff Legacies, Dr. Elena Salvatore runs her own practice!

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