Tommy Hilfiger & Zendaya’s TommyXZendaya Collection Was A Brilliant Antidote To Divisiveness

Tommy Hilfiger and Zendaya did more than just present a knockout of fall collection. They made a bold statement about what really makes America great -- All of us!

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Tommy Hilfiger and Zendaya‘s stunning Fall 2019 collaborative TommyXZendaya collection, was exactly what America needed right now. With it’s joyful celebration of the beauty of diversity and inclusion AND it’s irresistible sexy 70’s inspired looks, it was a thrilling counterpoint to the current divisiveness.

Leave it to Tommy Hilfiger, who has made the celebration of all the best of America’s icons and ideals, the center point of this brand, to bring the country back together.

Working harmoniously with the multi-talented 23 year old Zendaya, the paired created empowering modern clothing that looked fabulous on women of every size, shape, age or ethnicity. In fact, the models who rocked the runway — all of them with big, bright smiles, spanned every size and age from teen to ageless. And they all looked equally beautiful in fitted velvet blazers and flared trousers, high slit gauzy skirts and dresses, slinky front slit jumpsuits, sexy black leather and snakeskin boots, herringbone coats, polka dot bowtie blouses, dramatic neckties and silver lame for evening dresses and blouses.

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The choice of Harlem’s legendary Apollo Theater, was Zendaya’s, and it was inspired. What a perfect venue to honor the contributions of Americans of all backgrounds to art, culture, music, language and yes, style. Contributions that have not been recognized nearly as much as they should have been by the country’s power elite.

It’s so fitting that it was Aretha Franklin‘s “R-E-S-P-E-C-T,” Respect, that had both the models and the audience dancing, because the collection was all about giving respect. Respect for the strength and beauty of women of all ages, respect for the American ideal of equality and inclusion for all, and respect for the musical and style innovations of African Americans and other minorities.

To make their point, Tommy and Zendaya created a full “Harlem” set with singers, and dancers and musicians, styled in head to toe TommyXZendaya. During the show, the musicians played, the singers sang and at the end of the show, everyone erupted in dance.

For a country that has been torn apart for more than two and a half years by divisive rhetoric from the highest level in the land, the TommyXZendaya show was a statement of hope and courage that what makes us strongest, is when we all come together.

The TommyXZendaya collection is available to buy right now on the collection’s site.

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