BTS: V’s Dog Yeontan Celebrates 2nd Birthday & Fans Send Sweet Message

Happy birthday, Tannie! V from BTS' beloved dog is turning two years old, and fans are celebrating the beloved little pup on Twitter. It's King Yeontan Day, everyone!

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All hail King Yeontan! Kim Tae-hyung (aka V) of BTS is celebrating his second birthday today, and the ARMYs are cheering on the puppy on Twitter. The fans are sending love to the adorable Pomeranian because, well, he’s cuter than cute, and also because he brings V so much joy. They posted photos and videos of the pupper with V, and sweet messages about how much Yeontan means to all of them. “HAPPY BITHDAY LITTLE FLUFFBALL THANK YOU FOR BEING TAEHYUNG’S HAPPINESS,” wrote one fan, who also blasted out some prime Yeontan pics.

Another fan wrote the most heartfelt message about why they’re moved enough by Tannie to celebrate his birthday. “Why do I love Yeontan? Because he’s a reflection of Taehyung’s kindness… Taehyung chose to adopt instead of buy & went for guidance on raising a dog well… BTS members love Tannie too, showing how close the members are,” they tweeted. Beautiful! “Happy birthday to the babiest of all babies of the boys and ARMY, King Yeontan! The whole nation adores you,” another ARMY tweeted, speaking on behalf of the entirety of South Korea — and let’s be honest, the rest of the world. Tannie stans, unite!

And ARMYs couldn’t get over how fast time flew by, and how big Tannie is now! It seems like it was just yesterday that V revealed that he adopted his little buddy. “When Taehyung adopted Yeontan, he was so tiny but he grew up so well with the love & warmth of his dad, the best dad in the world,” a fan sweetly tweeted. Sweeted?

Speaking of birthdays… it was another member of BTS’ big day recently — Jungkook! The superstar turned 22, and we couldn’t be happier of all his accomplishments at such a young age.