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Troye Sivan Blasts Interviewer For Asking ‘Wildly Invasive’ Questions About His Sex Life

After an interviewer asked if he was a 'top' or a bottom,' singer Troye Sivan clapped back and called the writer out on social media in a series of epic tweets!

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Troye Sivan
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Troye Sivan, 24, is defending himself after a majorly intrusive interview. The Golden Globe nominee was recently being interviewed by a magazine in which he talked about a variety of topics, including his current relationship with boyfriend Jacob Bixenman, working on Boy Erased alongside Nicole Kidman and his favorite pop stars. The chat took a rather inappropriate turn, however, when the journalist asked an invasive question about Troye’s sex life, inquiring “Top or bottom?” The Australian star declined to answer the question to the magazine, responding with “Ooo…definitely passing.” But he didn’t stop there!

A fan then tweeted Troye on Wednesday, August 28, asking, “who’s this interviewer the bar is on the floor.” Troye clearly agreed, quoting the tweet and writing, “I thought about asking the interviewer about his absolute fave sex position after that last question, but then i remembered how wildly invasive, strange and inappropriate that would be. Didn’t stop him though!” Overall, the entire interview could be construed as intrusive, as other questions included the reporter — who writes for New Zealand’s gay express magazine — asking Troye if his boyfriend would give him a “hall pass” for his crush Shawn Mendes, 21. The writer even went as far to inquire if things got “steamy” when Troye met Shawn.

The Johannesburg-born artist ran with the theme on Twitter, joking that “next time I’ll just do a Twitter q&a” and responding to a tweet asking for his Social Security Number with, “You sure you don’t wanna just ask if i have a gayby or if i like Will and Grace like the other guy???”

Another fan then brought up an older excerpt from Out magazine, in which Sivan discussed his controversial song “Bloom” — which was widely perceived to be a song about sex. “Last I’ll say on this, but disappointing to see that @outmagazine, an LGBT publication, was the only one to miss the mark so much on the reporting of this,” he responded. He then added, “i love you [Out magazine] and all the work you do, just didn’t feel like this was a fair take on this.”

“Firstly, Bloom is an album about love. I said that in every single interview i did about the album. Suggesting that i made the entire album about bottoming is over sexualizing me + my work, and is reductive,” Troye further elaborated. “I speak about sex in my music on my terms, when I’m in control, and writing music that is going to be close to my heart forever. That does not open the flood gates + give anyone a pass on basic manners and allow them to ask about the ins and outs of what i do in bed.” Troye is currently on the road for The Bloom Tour, which is playing 67 dates around the world and wraps up in Melbourne, Australia on September 25, 2019.

“I highly doubt anyone would ask any of my straight peers explicit questions about who does what to who in their relationship, no matter the content of their music. I don’t think artists should have to expect to be asked about that when they show up to work in the morning,” Troye concluded. “There’s no shame in anal sex or any kind of sex – i just don’t want to talk about it over the phone to a complete stranger.”