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‘BH90210’: Shannen Doherty Reveals Jennie Garth Once ‘Yanked’ Her Hair Out — ‘A Clump Of It’

Shannen Doherty and Jennie Garth had a war of words during the Aug. 28 episode of 'BH90210', when they revealed shocking details about one of their infamous fights on set in the '90s.

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When the cast’s table read turned out to be a major disappointment on the Aug. 28 episode of BH90210, the cast banded together to try and rewrite the pilot’s script. And it was during that process that the cast also learned Shannen Doherty was getting paid double what they were! Apparently, Shannen waited the longest to sign her contract, and she knew how desperate the network was to have her sign on, so she used that information to her advantage and got a better deal. In turn, the cast became furious, so Tori Spelling, Jennie Garth and Gabrielle Carteris confronted Shannen over what they had learned.

“I pooped in a hole and then buried it with my hands for you,” Tori told Shannen before Shannen said that they’ve all made “sacrifices” for each other. But Gabrielle didn’t see it the same way. “Oh come on, Shannen. Sacrifices? You come in late and then you get paid twice as much as everybody else!”

“First off, my flight was delayed. Also, I wouldn’t hold it against you if you got a better deal than me,” Shannen said, but Gab said that it was easy for Shannen to say since she was the one making more than them. Shannen continued, “Listen, Gab, I did not hold it against you when you got your own talk show. And Tori, I didn’t hold it against you that you were living in a [56,000] square foot mansion. And Jennie, I didn’t hold it against you that you never got any bad press.” But to Jennie’s credit, she said that was because Shannen “threw a script” at her “head”, to which Shannen confessed, “You yanked my hair out — a clump of it — by the root.”

“Ugh. And the boys had to break it up,” Tori added before admitting that she “was hiding in the dressing rooms” — then, they all started laughing about it.

“The point is, it’s 30 years ago. We were all babies,” Jennie said. And Gabrielle added, “We’ve grown up. We can be better.”

“I do kind of miss this,” Shannen admitted. “Maybe we can do it differently this time.” But she, too, agreed that they needed to “fix the script”. So that’s what they did — and the new version was much more to their liking.

Sadly, the cast may never get to film it, as their stalker lit the show’s set on fire and it was going up in flames as this week’s episode came to a close. Oh, and apparently, Brian’s assistant is really his son!

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