Kim & Kyle Richards ‘Not Speaking’ After Heated Argument Over Kim’s Health & Recent Hospital Visit

Kyle Richards decided to 'reach out' to Kim after her sister allegedly checked out of a hospital 'against medical advice.' The conversation didn't go well, according to HollywoodLife's source. Here's what exactly caused the sibling fallout.

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Kim Richards, Kyle Richards
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Kim Richards, 54, is now in the midst of a fallout with her Kyle Richards, 50, shortly after troubling reports circulated about Kim’s well-being, a source close to both sisters EXCLUSIVELY tells HollywoodLife. “Kyle Richards has been sincerely concerned for her sister Kim Richards that she has not been in a good place, so a couple of days ago she decided to reach out,” the insider reveals. This attempt to touch base didn’t bode well with Kim. “The two sat down and had a conversation and Kyle is upset and frustrated because Kim did not take well to it,” our source explains. “[Kim] felt Kyle’s words came out harsh and that Kyle was overstepping her boundaries and [was] out of line. But Kyle felt it was her duty as her sister to let her know that she’s here to help and [that she’s] concerned.”

The conversation led to a “heated argument,” and the sisters from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills sadly “haven’t spoken since,” our source claims. While “Kyle is stressed about her sister’s health and well-being,” Kim is not mirroring those worries! “Kim is adamant that she is fine,” our insider tells us — yes, even after the Bravo star reportedly was taken into UCLA’s E.R. in “recent weeks” and was “incoherent, rambling and seemed to be having a serious mental health breakdown of sorts,” another source told Us Weekly on Aug. 14. Kim proceeded to allegedly check herself out of the hospital “against medical advice” and “her family was frantic trying to find her” before she “surfaced the next day at her house,” the report added.

This hospital visit was indeed on Kyle’s mind, our own source tells us. “Kim checked herself out of the hospital, which added to Kyle’s concerns, but Kim did this because she truly believes she has no problem and didn’t need to be there,” the insider reveals to HollywoodLife. Despite this riff, Kyle believes she did the right thing by reaching out. “Kyle was just trying to help and let Kim know that she’s here for her. She just wants the best for her sister,” our source says of the mother of four.

Kim has been open about her past struggles with drinking, especially after she was arrested for public intoxication at the Beverly Hills Hotel in April 2015. She was arrested again that same year for allegedly shoplifting at a Target, and was sentenced to a three-year probation which she finally completed in Sept. 2018. Kim’s legal troubles aside, the reality television star has always had spats with Kyle, which have been regularly documented on RHOBH since Season 1. Reiterating what our source mentioned earlier, Kim once said in an episode of the Bravo show, “I feel like Kyle oversteps her boundaries. I stay out of her personal space, and I think she likes to be very much a part of what’s mine.”