Jamie Foxx’s Stunning Daughter Corinne Foxx, 25, Reveals If She Would Take Her Dad’s Dating Advice

Corinne Foxx has eagerly sought out acting advice from her dad Jamie, which she relayed to HollywoodLife! Can the same be said about his dating advice, however?

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Corinne Foxx, 25, was getting back into the dating game when HollywoodLife caught up with Jamie Foxx’s daughter at Variety’s Young Hollywood Awards In Los Angeles on Aug. 28, 2018. “I’m single right now and I haven’t been single for a very long time, so I don’t really know how to go about this dating thing,” Corinne admitted to us on the red carpet at the Sunset Tower Hotel. As a newly single gal, she had many questions: “Do I slide into DMs? How does it work?” But she doesn’t want to hear answers from her dad!

“I don’t take my dad’s advice on my dating life,” Corinne confessed to HollywoodLife. “Even if he gave it to me, I wouldn’t take it.” But Corinne will gladly take acting advice from her Oscar-winning dad, especially since she’s making her feature film debut in the upcoming shark thriller 47 Meters Down: Uncaged alongside Sylvester Stallone’s daughter, Sistine, which premieres on Aug. 16!

“My dad tells me, ‘[Acting’s] easy Corinne’. And I’m like, ‘Dad that isn’t advice.’ And he’s like, ‘No, really, anyone can do it, it really is easy’,” Corinne amusingly recalled of Jamie’s attempt at being her movie mentor. In response to this easygoing advice, Corinne had said to her dad, “Okay, maybe for you as [an] Oscar winner, but I need a little more advice than that.” Come on Jamie, we want to know the secrets behind that incredible performance in Ray!

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But Corinne’s more than satisfied with the advice her dad offers for navigating the “Young Hollywood” crowd. “Even though I was raised in this business my dad has always encouraged a sense of normalcy and has always valued being humble and taught me those same values. Me and my dad we go to these events all the time together and we’re always just star-struck,” Corinne told HollywoodLife. “We’re always confused why we’re in the room and and I think just keeping that humble nature and always just taking this all for the blessing that it is, that’s his biggest piece of advice.”

Despite Corinne’s playful jabs at her dad, this father-daughter duo is super close. Corinne even plays the DJ on her dad’s game show, Beat Shazam — understandable, seeing that they have a similar taste in music. “I go to Drake concerts with my dad! He would go to a Young Money concert with me in a heartbeat,” Corinne gushed in another EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife, after we caught up with the college graduate nearly a year later to chat about her dad once again in July 2019!

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