Wendy Williams Denies Hiring Ex, Kevin As Her Manager: ‘He Can Manage Signing Divorce Papers’

Wendy Williams cleared up every report and rumor about her while on 'Sway in the Morning' on Aug. 6. The host slammed a recent report that claimed she hired her ex-husband, Kevin Hunter as her manager!

Wendy Williams got witty in a new interview while clearing up rumors and reports about her dating life, her ongoing divorce with Kevin Hunter, details about her work, and more. After a report claimed she re-hired Kevin as her manager, Wendy, 55, told Sway Calloway, “The only business that he can manage right now is to signed some divorce papers.” Wendy then noted that she already has a manager, who she implied was outside the SiriusXM studios  podcast room on August 6.

The daytime talk show host, whose show is currently on a vacation hiatus until September, gave an update on the process of her divorce. “There’s no divorce papers ready yet to be signed,” Wendy revealed, explaining, “I want a divorce like yesterday, I want a divorce two months ago, three months ago. Whenever I found out, four months ago,” she continued.

Wendy went on to admit that although she will go through with her divorce, she still wants to be friends with Kevin, who she was with for nearly two decades. “I mean, and not because we have a son but because that was real love,” she said about creating a friendship with her ex. “I still love him just not in that way. You either in or you are out with me. I still have love for him and I wish him the best in his new life with his new family,” Wendy explained.

Kevin was Wendy’s former manager and an executive producer on her talk show. Following their split in early April, Kevin was let go from The Wendy Williams Show, however, he had still remained somewhat part of the couple’s joint production ventures, according to multiple reports.

“Wendy realizes at the end of the day, it’s very difficult to just disassemble an entire empire and production company that she worked so hard to build with Kevin. However, she knows her life is less stressful when Kevin isn’t in it day to day,” a source close to the talk show host told HollywoodLife about her professional relationship with her ex. The source noted that Wendy is much happier when she’s not working with her ex.

“Everything with Wendy and Kevin is still being worked out in terms of their former working relationship,” the insider said, explaining, that Wendy is “open” to conversations about business. Nonetheless, “she’s seeing how challenging her work relationships have been with Kevin in the picture.” Ultimately, “her goal is to be divorced as quickly as possible and move forward,” the source says.

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