Two EXO Members Reportedly Joining New K-Pop ‘Super Group’ & Fans Are Pissed

Fans of the K-Pop group, EXO, are not happy about reports that SM Entertainment is planning to create a 'super boy group' that will include two of the band's members.

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Reports surfaced on August 2 that SM Entertainment would be creating a new K-Pop ‘super group’ featuring members of the bands SHINee, EXO, NCT and WayV. The rumored members that would be joining the group are Taemin, from SHINee, Kai and Baekhyun from EXO, Taeyong and Mark from NCT and Lucas and Ten from WayV. The reports claim that the singers will still prioritize their original groups, but that the new group has the potential to continue making comebacks even after their debut.

It’s expected that the super group will debut at some time in 2019. When asked for comment on the situation, SM Entertainment responded, “An official announcement will be made on August 8,” according to Soompi. Unfortunately, not everyone is that excited about the prospect of members being taken away from their original groups to work on a new project. EXO fans, in particular, seem to be pissed about the situation. “You do not even promote EXO’s group, unit or solo schedules, yet form a mixed group for promotional purposes?” one angry fan tweeted. “What about giving EXO and each member support and promotion they deserve first?”

Some EXO members have recently released solo projects, and fans of the band are livid that they were not promoted in the way fans thought they should have been. “Jongdae got the bare minimum promotion as well as Baekhyun,” someone ranted. “SeChan didn’t promote at all!!!!!!! WHAT ABOUT TREATING EXO BETTER FIRST??” In general, fans are pissed that SME is putting attention on a NEW group, rather than focusing on their old ones,

We’ll have to wait until August 8 for definite confirmation on this alleged ‘super group.’ Hopefully for the fans, SME is being truthful when they say that the members’ priorities will remain with their original bands.

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