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‘Yellowstone’ Preview: John Confronts Jamie About The Interview — Watch

Jamie's doing the walk of shame in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the new episode of 'Yellowstone.' John talks to his son face-to-face about the interview that could bring the Duttons down.

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Jamie (Wes Bentley) has to face his father in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the July 31 episode of Yellowstone and he’d rather do just about anything else. He knows that what his father has to say is going to be brutal. “I suppose I’m to blame for you being so angry,” John (Kevin Costner) says when Jamie walks into his office. “You want to hurt me. But it’s not me you hurt. It’s your brother and sister. You understand it’s as much their future you’ve risked as it is your own.”

Jamie is beyond nervous. He knows he’s messed up. “If I could just…” Jamie begins to say, but John won’t let him finish. “What do you want to explain, Jamie?” John asks his son. All Jamie has to say is, “I didn’t tell her everything.”

John is not done telling his son off. “You don’t get it. You gave her a thread and she can weave it into whatever she wants,” John continues. “You better get with her and find out exactly what it is she wants, you understand? And if what she wants is ruining this ranch with some story about me, then you act like my f**king lawyer. Sue her and her f**king magazine right back to New York, you understand?”

Now that’s some serious intimidation. Jamie nods his head and walks away. He realizes this is his one chance to make things right. He confessed to Beth about the interview, which took place in season 1, in the last episode and Beth called him a “selfish piece of sh*t.” The pressure is on for Jamie, that’s for sure. Yellowstone season 2 airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on Paramount Network.