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Brie Larson Passionately Makes Out With Hunky Mystery Man 7 Mos. After Ending Engagement

Talk about a marvelous kiss! Less than a year after Brie Larson called off her engagement to Alex Greenwald, the ‘Captain Marvel’ star was seen making out with a new man!

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UPDATE 7/31/2019 AT 7:45 P.M. ET: Brie’s mystery man has been identified as director and producer Elijah Allan-Blitz, 32, who previously dated NCIS actress Maria Bello, 52, in 2015.

Seven months after Brie Larson, 29, and Phantom Planet lead singer Alex Greenwald, 39, stopped making sweet music together, she has a new leading man in her life. Brie was spotted locking lips with a “handsome mystery man” on July 30, according to Daily Mail (CLICK HERE TO SEE PICTURES OF THE PDA-FILLED TRIP.) Brie and her new hunky paramour were spotted going grocery shopping at Erewhon in Calabasas, and she just couldn’t keep her hands off of him! Before the couple passionately made out in the parking lot, Brie was photographed snuggling and kissing her bae near the store’s deli counter. She looked sweet and stylish, wearing a yellow sun dress and carrying Senreve’s Midi Maestra bag in Lavender, customized with her initials “BL”.

She also wrapped her arms around him for a quick make-out sesh near the soup aisle. Something about bone broth must have put Brie in the mood. Perhaps all the fresh produce did something because these two couldn’t stop PDA’ing or kissing. The romantic display continued even as they passed the desserts, with Brie getting a different kind of “sugar” from her brand new man. HollywoodLife has reached out to Brie’s camp for any clarification on this mystery man/make-out sessions and will update the post when/if more information is made available.

Brie and Alex ended their three-year engagement at the start of 2019. She and the Phantom Planet singer began dating in 2013, and reportedly “remain[ed] close” even after making the decision to “step back from their engagement for the time being.” No official reason for the breakup was given. Brie once credited Alex’s support for her meteoric success. “I don’t think I could do any of this without my person,” she told USA Today in 2017, referencing Alex. “It’s a safe place to be unsafe,” she says. “I can go out in the world, and I can take risks, and I can push myself to the limit, and then there’s that core that knows me, and no matter how far I go, I’m still the same when I come back. That’s a really valuable thing.”

While Brie Larson apparently loves this new romance, she was proud that Captain Marvel didn’t give her character a love interest. “It makes me really happy because I don’t think there’s anything missing from this story because of it,” she told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY in March. “It doesn’t mean that movies should always be this way, it’s just saying, we can diversify even that aspect of things…our big loves in our lives. That thing that we would go fight for, to the ends of the Earth — that could be our best friend. I mean, that’s how I feel!”