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Lili Reinhart ‘Liked’ A Video Of Her Snubbing Ex Cole Sprouse At Comic-Con — Watch

Lili Reinhart refused to take the mic from Cole Sprouse during a 'Riverdale' cast interview at Comic-Con, and the tense clip could've been aired on The CW! Even more awkward was the video's caption that Lili 'liked.'

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Lili Reinhart, Cole Sprouse
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Having to promote one of the most popular TV shows at America’s biggest entertainment convention, all with your ex (or soon to be ex)? Yeah, that’s just about as awkward as you could imagine, as Lili Reinhart, 22, and Cole Sprouse, 26, demonstrated during a Riverdale cast interview at Comic-Con on July 20. That would be two days before news broke of their breakup (which neither party has commented on), but their faces foreshadowed the reports! Cole was sitting on a different couch from Lili, who shared her seat with co-stars Madelaine Petsch, 24, Camila Mendes, 25, and KJ Apa, 22. At one point, Cole reaches over to hand a mic to Lili, who gives him a steely look before slowly shaking her head. Cole keeps his hand over his face, his expression also rather Jughead-like. Get ready to feel even more uncomfortable, because Lili “liked” a video of the tense exchange on Twitter.

It’s unclear if Lili related to the video’s caption, which was in Portugese (unless that one time Camila gave her a lesson in the foreign language really clicked). “Quando estou prestes a fazer uma coisa de errado e mudo de ideia,” the fan wrote over the interview clip, which translates to, “When I’m about to do something wrong and change my mind.” We’re not going to read into this too much, but — interesting.

This wasn’t the first Comic-Con interview that resulted in one (or two) weird exchanges between Cole and Lili. While sitting down with the The Los Angeles Times, Lili turned around at one point and snapped at a giggly Cole and KJ, “You guys are so annoying right now” (Camila and Madelaine seemed to agree). And then there was that moment in their TVLine interview that almost went under the radar. While Madelaine was in the middle of answering a question, Lili again turned around and told Cole, “Be respectful. You look stoned — Your eyes.” Yikes…well, she did look like she was holding back a laugh. In addition to Saturday’s interviews, Lili and Cole sat by one another for the Riverdale panel the following day!

Despite an (interesting?) Comic-Con weekend, we’ve heard that Cole and Lili will learn to work through their breakup as co-workers (and on-screen lovers). “Cole and Lili will be able to deal with it. The show’s writers and producers are aware and will never make anything awkward that doesn’t have to be. Their working relationship will be just that,” a source close to the Riverdale cast EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “They can coexist and will continue to coexist because they know the show is important to them and so many other people who work for it and fans alike.” Cole and Lili dated for two years, leaving behind many romantic memories!