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Miranda Lambert: The Real Reason Her Husband Took Leave From NYPD & Why She Supports It

Miranda Lambert's new husband Brendan McLoughlin took a leave of absence from his job as an NYPD police officer, and the reason is romantic enough for her to write a song about it.

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Miranda Lambert Husband Leave Of Absence Reason
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Miranda Lambert‘s romance with handsome NYPD cop Brendan McLoughlin, 28, just keeps getting better and better. First, they met while he was on the job — and in uniform. Then, they secretly eloped in Jan. 2019. And now, he’s taken time off his beat so he can travel with Miranda, 35, while she tours around the country. They’re so in love that they don’t want to spend a night apart and a source close to the Pistol Annie’s front woman tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that as an added bonus, Brendan can be her bodyguard on tour.

“When she has to work it means being on the road and they want to be together so it only makes sense for him to travel with her”, says our source. “They believe strongly that they shouldn’t spend long stretches of time apart, which they would have to do if he didn’t take time off work. So, this arrangement is what’s healthiest for their relationship and their marriage. And Miranda does need someone to guard her, so why not have Brendan, what could be better than a bodyguard that is also a cop.”

Although Brendan will be living like the good life while touring with the country music queen, our source says he does plan to return to his job as a city police officer — and Miranda is all for it. “Brendan was always planning to take time off to go on tour with Miranda. But he is planning to go back  [to the NYPD]  at some point, because he truly loves being a police officer. And Miranda fully supports him continuing his career, she knows how much it means to him, plus she thinks it’s hot to be married to a cop,” our source says.

Miranda and Brendan spent a lot of time in recent months together in New York, and while they love it there, our source insists they’ll never make it their only home. “They have no plans to move to New York full time but they will continue to spend lots of time there. His son is there, and they both do love being in the city. But having places in both New York and Tennessee works best for them because Miranda’s a true country girl, she needs her space and her farm and animals so there is no way she could live full time in New York, or any other city.”