Camila Cabello’s Friends Worried Shawn Mendes’ Career Might Get In The Way Of Their Romance

Camila Cabello's pals fear the singer could 'be in a little of a danger zone' as her romance with Shawn Mendes heats up, but not for the usual reasons!

It has been nothing but a happy parade of PDA — kissing, holding hands and shameless cuddles — throughout Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes’ blooming romance, which fans first caught wind of on July 3. But Camila’s pals are worried that Shawn’s growing fame could interrupt this honeymoon phase. “Camila’s friends are happy she’s having such a great time with Shawn but they’re worried that she could be in a little bit of a danger zone with him just because of who he is,” one friend of Camila’s EXCLUSIVELY tells HollywoodLife. Not who Shawn is personally, but rather, who he is as seen by others!
“Shawn is a total sweetheart but he’s also the hottest guy in music right now, his career is so busy and it has to come first,” the friend explains. “They worry that keeping a relationship going could be an uphill battle, they just don’t want her to get hurt.” However, the friend clarifies that Camila’s crew is worried about a possible expiration date on the relationship and not Shawn himself: “They are basically worried that it won’t last, they definitely didn’t imply that he would cheat, just that he is so busy he might not be able to really commit to a relationship.” Well, Camila has no problem taking some time out of her own busy schedule to attend a few of Shawn’s concerts (even in far-away San Francisco), and hopefully Shawn will return the favor!
Shawn is in the midst of a globe-trotting tour that is still in its US leg of performances, explaining why the pop star can still indulge in dates with Camila in his off-time. But the “If I Can’t Have You” singer sets off for Toronto in September, will travel throughout Asia in October, and has abroad shows scheduled all the way until his Mexico City concert on Dec. 21! Of course, Camila’s career is kicking in high gear as well: in addition to dropping that rumor-starting “Señorita” collab with Shawn on June 20, she’s also set to star in a modern reimagining of Cinderella that’ll hit theaters in 2021. With that said, hopefully Camila will have time for Shawn as well.
Shawn and Camila have yet to explain all their PDA moments in public, such as when they happily held hands in Los Angeles on July 17, or snuggled at Dottie’s True Blue Cafe in San Francisco on July 12. Well, actions speak louder than words, as they say.

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