Malika Haqq Opens Up About Her Struggle With Anxiety: Interview – Hollywood Life

Malika Haqq Reveals Her Go-To Tricks For Staying Fit & Zen, While Managing Her Anxiety

Malika Haqq is opening up about her struggles with anxiety, and is offering up her advice for how to handle it!

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Malika Haqq
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Malika Haqq’s schedule is filled with important appointments, collabs, photoshoots, and of course, devising the perfect Instagram clapbacks. Khloe Kardashian’s BFF spoke to, exclusively, while promoting her partnership with beam, a Boston-based CBD wellness brand that uses organic, pharmaceutical grade, full-spectrum CBD products, 100% free of THC. In addition to using CBD oil to manage her stress and anxiety, Malika revealed that her workout regimen and diet are also super important to her overall wellness! “I’ve always had a very small, petite frame, and I wasn’t working out because I wanted to lose weight, I was working out because it was good for me — mind, body, and soul. And having anxiety issues, working out is really good for you, to get your blood pumping,” Malika explained in an interview with HL. “It helped me kind of manage and control how I was dealing with stress, and it did make me feel better about myself.”

She added that although she does watch what she eats, Malika allows herself to have a cheat day every Sunday! “As long as I stay consistent with my workout, I allow myself to indulge,” she explained. Most recently, the LA native has been indulging in beam’s protein bars! “I really have not been a huge fan of protein bars, I would rather have vegetables and chicken or vegetables and salmon,” she explained. But “beam actually has a really yummy protein bar, my favorite is the vanilla coconut, so I will have, that’s something that I will have in the morning before a workout.”

Malika continued to discuss the importance of balancing her stress, with CBD. “My number one issue that I wanted to address, which CBD has been mostly helpful with, is my anxiety. If you go to a doctor, they’re going to give you medication, which is what I relied on for a very, very long time, but I’m not the pill-popping kind of girl!” she said. “I feel like I’ve made a better choice for myself to go from prescription medication for anxiety to CBD oil. I’m not saying I’m the healthiest girl, I still eat artificial stuff. I enjoy myself, but I still really care about what I put in my body on a regular basis.”