Michelle Obama Reveals Both Daughters, Sasha & Malia, Had Their 1st Kisses While In The White House

Michelle Obama pulled a major mom move and revealed that her daughters, Sasha and Malia Obama, each had their first kiss at the White House, surrounded by bodyguards!

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Malia and Sasha Obama are probably cringing somewhere after finding out that their mother, former First Lady Michelle Obama, told the world about their teenage love lives. In conversation with Gayle King at the Essence Fest on July 6, Michelle tried to share an example of what life was like growing up in the White House. “My kids had armed guards with them at all times,” Michelle, 55, said. “Imagine trying to have your first kiss [around] a bunch of men [with guns] and ear pieces.” Um, mom? Not cool to share! Although, this isn’t the first time that Michelle has spilled a little tea about her daughters’ lives in DC. In her 2018 memoir Becoming, the former first lady recalled, in detail, Malia’s date coming to pick her up from the White House for prom. Malia begged her parents to “be cool” about it.

“Her embarrassment [had] already [begun] to smolder as we rode the elevator downstairs,” Michelle recalled. She wrote that she was barefoot, and that her husband, former President Barack Obama, was wearing flip-flops. “We took what was perhaps unfair comfort in the knowledge that Malia’s security detail would basically ride the boy’s bumper all the way to the restaurant where they were going for dinner before the dance and would remain on quiet duty throughout the night,” she wrote. What a poor, brave kid her date was! Fortunately for new high school graduate Sasha, her love life didn’t make it into the book. Michelle also told Gayle that she was “surprised [her] kids have any friends” after the White House.

“Imagine having Malia and Sasha come to your house for a sleepover,” she said. “This is the call: ‘OK, we’re gonna need your social security number, we’re gonna need your date of birth. There will be men coming to sweep your house. If you have guns and drugs, just tell them. Because they’re going to find them anyway.”

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“Don’t lie. They’re not gonna take them, they just need to know where they are. And by the way, there will be a man with a gun sitting on the front porch all night. Let him come in and use the bathroom, it would just be nice.’”

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