Nicole Byer Admits She Isn’t Necessarily ‘Body Positive’: ‘I Just Live In A Body & I Don’t Sh*t On It’

Nicole Byer spoke to HollywoodLife about being labeled 'body positive' & her response is pretty epic!

Nicole Byer for Smirnoff
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In between breaking down which Fab 5 member would throw the best Fourth of July party, and how she was just ejected off of a toilet seat, comedienne Nicole Byer spoke to in an EXCLUSIVE interview about being labeled a ‘body positive’ spokesperson. “It’s funny that people are like ‘You’re body positive’ and I’m like ‘I’m not body positive, I just live in a body and don’t shit on it!'” she explained, while promoting her latest partnership with Smirnoff. “I think we can all stop shitting on our bodies. It’s your body.” She continued, “Technically you can make your body look any way you want it to, and if you don’t want to make it look a certain way, if you don’t want to lose weight, then you really just have to accept the body you’re in.”

Nicole, who is the host on the Netflix cooking series Nailed It!, uses the hashtag #veryfatverybrave to help spread this message of self acceptance. “I think every body is beautiful and I don’t think anybody needs to look a certain way. I think you’ve got to look the way that makes you happy, and that’s what I think you should do,” she said. The Why Won’t You Date Me? podcaster also added that we, as a society, need to stop commenting on each other’s bodies. “If you think a friend lost weight, you don’t have to say anything. You can just say ‘You look fantastic right now”. You don’t have to say ‘Did you lose weight?’ You don’t have to.” 

While Nicole continues to spread that positivity (whether she admits she is or not!), she’s also teamed up with Smirnoff to judge their Smirnoff Party Pitch, July 4th edition! She was joined by RuPaul star Alyssa Edwards and party extraordinaire Ryan Serhant to find the best party idea from submissions across the country! “I know summer begins before the Fourth of July, but it feels like summer’s in full swing on the 4th! Everybody’s outside, there are fireworks, it’s usually pretty hot. You’re at a place with a pool and then there’s drinks flowing, responsibly. It’s a nice time to be around your friends because nobody has to work the next day, it’s great!” Nicole gushed over the patriotic holiday.

Nicole, Alyssa and Ryan chose one lucky winner to have the July 4th bash of their dreams, with the addition of their very on Smirnoff Red, White and Berry cocktail! Make sure to watch the video to find out who wins! 

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