Nicki Minaj Proves She’s The Queen Of Freestyle During Wild Rapping Game With Jimmy Fallon

Nicki Minaj took three random words (hexagon, yeti, edible arrangement) and whipped out a freestyle rap that deserves a spot on her new record. That's right -- Nicki announced she's recording a new album!

Nicki Minaj, 36, just cemented her title as the queen of freestyle. The “Barbie Dreams” rapper stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on June 27, where she busted out a wicked rap on the spot using just three nouns supplied by Jimmy Fallon’s “random word generator”: hexagon, yeti and edible arrangement. Our queen acted nervous at first, but the flow came easily once Jimmy’s house band, The Roots, kicked up the rhythm. “Six sides, that’s a hexagon. I’m the big homie, megatron. These girls can see me like the yeti, all these girls gassed like Getty,” Nicki rapped, throwing in clever references to her new single “Megatron” and a major oil marketing company.

With one word left, Nicki continued, “I am Ms. Petty, and it’s going down, basement. I be like eat it! Eat it! Eat it! Edible arrangement.” Boom. Nicki could’ve intended a double meaning with “Ms. Petty,” seeing that she’s famous for throwing shade on Queen Radio, but also confirmed that she and her boyfriend Kenneth Petty obtained a marriage license on the June 21 episode of that same show!

Jimmy wasn’t the only one who freaked out over Nicki’s freestyle, as the Barbz rushed to Twitter to leave rave reviews. “Nicki Minaj’s freestyle about hexagons is a whole bop kk. Stream Hexagons 🤣🤣,” one fan tweeted, while another fan pointed out that Nicki looked just as good as her rap game in a Fendi bodycon dress! “Sis you looked absolutely stunning & you snapped . We love rappers @NICKIMINAJ,” the viewer tweeted.

You can expect even more new material from Nicki, although it won’t take inspiration from Jimmy’s random word generator — the rapper announced that “there’s definitely a new album.” What’s more, she told the Late Night host that he’s the “first to find out” (and hence, all his viewers). The exact details are under wrap, as Nicki added that she’s not putting the release date out yet, or the record’s title.

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