Tom Holland Finally Responds To Rumors He’s Dating ‘Spider-Man’ Co-Star Zendaya

Tom Holland clarified whether he and Zendaya are friends, in a relationship, or something in-between in a new interview.

Tom Holland Zendaya
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While Tom Holland, 23, and Zendaya, 23, have been the subject of relationship rumors for years – since the two initially co-starred in Spider-Man: Homecoming in 2017 – Tom is finally setting the record straight. The actor, who’s beloved for slipping spoilers in press interviews, cleared the air in a new interview with Elle.

He told the magazine he’s not with anyone romantically right now. Tom said, though, that he’s “definitely a relationship person.” Tom continued, “I’m not the fleeting type at all; it’s not my way of life.” He said that he’s putting his energy into his work. Speaking of work, Tom spoke about another movie project of his, The Devil All the Time.

“I’m finding it challenging, because I’m not sharing the screen with a big 80-foot water monster,” Tom said. “It’s just me and Sebastian Stan [36] sitting there having an intellectual conversation. For me, the green or blue screen is like a safety blanket, because I know I’m not going to be the biggest thing onscreen.”

Tom’s co-star and friend Zendaya is busy with her work life, as well. The actress stars in HBO’s Euphoria, a drama about high schoolers, and the premiere released just last week. While these two have denied that they’re an item, there’s no doubt that they are close friends. We can’t wait to continue supporting their careers, no matter what relationships they get into! For now, we’re excited to see Spider-Man: Far From Home, which comes out on July 2.

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