Rachael Leigh Cook & Daniel Gillies Split After They ‘Lost Track Of Being A Couple’

Rachael Leigh Cook and Daniel Gillies were married for 15 years but the dynamic changed when they stopped focusing their attention on the marriage and became devoted to other things.

Daniel Gillies, Rachael Leigh Cook
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Rachael Leigh Cook, 39, and Daniel Gillies, 43, shocked everyone on June 13 when they announced their split with a joint post on Instagram, and now we’re learning what caused their 15 year marriage to fall apart. The actors, who share children, Charlotte, 5, and Theodore, 4, together, seemed to change the way they did things and put more of an emphasis on everyday routines rather than the challenges of married life. “They both unfortunately fell out of what made them love each other in the first place and instead dived into routine rather than embracing the struggles and ups and downs marriages often sometimes take,” a source close to Rachael EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “They didn’t do anything for their relationship to improve it. Every moment of their attention was either devoted for their kids or themselves and their careers. They really lost track of being a couple. There was never any infidelity and they both are very happy that they are mature enough to get to this conclusion because they will always have respect for each other but the romance is gone.”

Although the separation is a big transition that they never planned on going through, it turns out they realized it was the best course of action to take. “It’s very sad but they both know this will be great for their futures both personally and professionally,” the source explained. “Though their relationship fell apart, its only going to enhance their future relationship as co-parents. That is of extreme importance to them and they really look forward to seeing what their future holds. If they had to break up, they both did it for the right reasons and there shouldn’t be much drama between them moving forward. It’s unfortunate but something that was needed and will end up working out for all involved in the long run.”

Rachael and Daniel married in 2004 and now that they’ve decided to end their marriage, they admitted that they wanted the change to be as discreet as possible for the sake of their kids. “Your discretion in this matter is kindly requested for the sake of our children during this time of transition,” they both wrote in a joint message on Instagram. “Thank you to those of you who are already aware; for your tremendous compassion and understanding.”

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