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Kim Kardashian’s Trainer Reveals How Squats, Lunges & ‘The Right Food’ Helped Her Achieve Her Tiny Waist

Kim Kardashian's trainer Don-A-Matrix spoke to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY about his workouts with the Kardashians and how he helps Kim get that small waist.

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While Kim Kardashian‘s tiny waist may look photoshopped in real life, the reality to her waistline is actually achieved through her workout efforts. HollywoodLife spoke with Kim’s trainer who gave us the inside scoop on the secret to her unreal-looking waist. “We work primarily on weight loss/burning fat through intense, controlled workouts – like my Don-A-Matrix signature workout method,” Don-A-Matrix, one of two trainers who trains the Kardashians regularly while promoting his drink with BODYARMOR LYTE, told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY.

“Kim is also blessed with a smaller waist, so that plays a role as well,” he said, admitting her genetics also plays a role. “In terms of specific workouts, I like to use moves with multi-functional movement – something like a squat or similar.” Don-A-Matrix described three specific workouts he uses: mountain/step climber, bosu crunch, and bosu twist. For the first, he said: “Using a bosu ball, hold a plank position with the dome side of the ball on the floor. Pushing your hands down on the platform, draw one knee in towards your chest and then extend back into the plank position. Repeat for the opposite leg and alternate for 20-30 reps.” For the second: “Place your lower back and butt on the bosu ball. Bring your legs and chest upward, while keeping your hands in a locked position on the floor. Repeat for 20-30 reps.” And finally: “Sitting on the floor with your feet planted, hold the bosu ball in your hands and lean back to a 45-degree angle. Twist to one side and lower the ball to the side. Then raise the ball back up to the middle. Repeat and alternate sides for 45 seconds.”

For Kim to keep her booty in shape, Don-A-Matrix pointed out another specific workout. “The best moves to tone the butt are either squats or lunges,” he said. “You can do a jump switch lunge. This involves you jumping into the air and landing in a lunge on the bosu ball – to be repeated 20 times”


Even though the Kardashians’ bodies are often talked about for being manufactured by surgery, Don-A-Matrix said that the sisters put in the work. “[The Kardashians] have great attitudes when it comes time to work and overall, they really do work incredibly hard to stay in top shape and to get the results they have – and it shows,” he said. Don-A-Matrix proved that point when he revealed that he sometimes gets in his workouts with the Kardashian sisters as early as 4, 5, or 6 a.m. before their mothering duties kick in for the day.

Don-A-Matrix emphasized the importance of eating healthy, as well. “I don’t set specific meal plans for the Kardashians, but diet is always important so when trying to slim down,” he said. “I push them toward eating more fruits, veggies, and good proteins/grains. When we workout, I make sure they’re hydrated properly – our ‘go-to’ option is BODYARMOR LYTE, which is a natural, low-calorie and low-sugar sports drink.”