Carolyn Miller Reveals Why She’s Not Rushing To Release Her Debut Album

We caught up with rising country star, Carolyn Miller, EXCLUSIVELY about her new single, 'Want What You Can't Have,' plans for new music, why she's taking her time with her debut album and more!

carolyn miller
Image Credit: Rachel Deeb

Carolyn Miller is making her mark on country music with her new single, “Want What You Can’t Have,” and she told us all about why she knew she HAD to record it after hearing it for the first time. “I love the message of knowing your self worth,” Carolyn explained to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY when we caught up with her in Nashville earlier this month. “It’s really empowering to be like — you can’t have your cake and eat it, too, and if you didn’t know what you had when you had it…sorry. It was just a great song to kick off chapter two for me. I think kicking it off with a bang with that message is important. It represents who I am.”

The lyrics in the song don’t pertain to Carolyn’s life right now — she’s happily married — but she revealed that she connected with the message of the song because of something she went through in her past. “It totally reminded me of this college flame who came back around a little too late,” she admitted. “It felt really good at the time to be like, thanks….but no thanks…and move on and know the right one will come along. Even though this particular thing happened years ago, the second I heard this song, it brought me right back to that moment and I could relive it when I recorded it and told that story.”

Carolyn released her debut EP last summer, and she’s been hard at work writing new songs and listening to demos in the months since. However, she’s in no rush to put out a full-length project. “Right now, I’m just focused on singles,” she said. “I have some ideas. I don’t want to release an EP, then have a year go by and release another one. I’d rather release a good song, see what’s going on with it, then get another one ready. I want to be constant and current and never falling behind too much. So if I’m able to crank out music for the fans, we can see where it goes.”

This summer, Carolyn has a bunch of tour dates planned, including one she’s super excited about — she’s opening for Ashley McBryde in Maine. “I think it’s such an exciting time in the industry, particularly for women, and it’s so nice to see the ones at the top put their hand down and take the others along for the ride and the journey,” she gushed. “For me, who didn’t necessarily grow up in the south or on country music, but discovered it later and loves it so much, the fact that there’s a space for me in this time is so cool.”

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