Lisa Vanderpump Not Interested In Repairing Friendship With Kyle Richards: ‘She Had The Chance’

For Lisa Vanderpump, she's not interested in any apologies from former pal Kyle Richards after her stressful season nine of 'RHOBH.' LVP said she had her chance to do it and now it's too late.

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Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards
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The ship has sailed forever on what was once a close friendship between Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards. The 57-year-old restauranteur passed up the chance to come face to face with her 50-year-old nemesis when she declined to attend the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion taping. spoke EXCLUSIVELY to LVP and when we asked her if she would rekindle her friendship is Kyle apologized, she told us “I think she had that chance.” Yep, sounds like that bridge has been forever burned.

“It was the day before my birthday so that would be 10 months ago and I got a text the next day,” Lisa continued. “When people say they’ve reached out — When people reaching out to you to film on camera, that’s not really — ‘Do come meet us for drinks, oh by the way, the cameras are there.’ That’s a different scenario,” she explains. Lisa filmed most of her scenes for season nine apart from the cast after Kyle went to her home to share that the rest of the cast believed that she sold the puppygate story. That turned into the friendship ending fight. Their last scene on RHOBH that the two shared featured Lisa’s husband  Ken Todd, 61, dramatically kicking Kyle out of their home with a flourishing “You’re a f**king liar! Goodbye, Kyle!”

While Lisa’s still going to be featured on Vanderpump Rules and is an executive producer on that show, she’s done being a real housewife. “I think 9 seasons — I’ve done 300 episodes of reality television, that’s a lot. I think 9 seasons it was good, it’s just a shame it ended like that. The negativity and the nastiness is something I’ve never thought anybody should have to endure,” Lisa tells and she assures us that she’s at peace with her decision to quit the franchise.