Nicole Curran: 5 Things To Know About Woman Mocked For Talking To Jay-Z At NBA Finals

At the NBA Finals last night, Nicole Curran leaned over Beyoncé to talk to Jay-Z. Twitter went wild with the video of Bey looking pretty annoyed at her!

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Nicole Curran
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Beyoncé, 37, and Jay-Z, 49, attended game three of the NBA Finals last night with the Toronto Raptors and Golden State Warriors – and right next to the gorgeous singer, sitting court side, was Nicole Curran. Learn five things about the basketball game attendee, below.

1. Fans witnessed Nicole dismiss Beyoncé to talk to Jay. In a now-viral clip, while the married couple waved to people off-camera, Nicole attempted to talk with Jay. Nicole leaned over Beyoncé, which caused the Lemonade singer to nudge Nicole out of the way. Toward the end of the clip, Bey was visibly annoyed from Nicole’s antics.

2. Nicole isn’t just some random person – she’s married to a certain VIP. Nicole and Joe Lacob, 63, the Golden State Warriors owner, are married. Meaning – Nicole likely wasn’t trying to get her flirt on with Jay, she was probably just being friendly with guests at her husband’s team’s big game.

3. Her husband may be the Warriors owner, but Nicole works for the team as well. She’s President of the Board of Directors for the Warriors Community Foundation. “There are many many guardian angels up there looking after me,” Nicole told Mercury News. “I think that kind of reinforced my belief that with one single act you can make such a difference in someone’s life. You have to have somebody who believes in you and tells you that you can be different. That makes a huge difference. I want to be that person, but I also want to be that person to empower other people to be that person.”

4. She was born on Oct. 28, 1968. That makes the brunette beauty 50 years old today. Nicole had a difficult childhood – she was sent to an orphan boarding school when she was 13 due to her single mom, Barbara, being unable to provide for her, according to Mercury News. Nicole worked through high school when she moved to Washington, D.C. with her mom, and she received a full ride scholarship to George Washington University.

5. After college, Nicole worked as a high school teacher. The GW grad taught government, history, and sex education to her students. “I was making $23,500 a year as a teacher,” Nicole told the news site. “Working 80 hours a week.” She has certainly come a long way since then!