‘Relatively Nat & Liv’ Stars Reveal Their BFs Will Be In New Show: ‘We’re Open About Our Love Lives’

'Relatively Nat & Liv' — premiering on E! June 2 — follows the exciting lives of best friends, cousins, and social media sensations, Olivia Pierson and Natalie Halcro. The designers tease the 'fun' and 'craziness' fans can expect from their new reality show!

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Olivia Pierson & Natalie Halcro
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Nothing was off limits while filming Relatively Nat & Liv, co-stars Olivia Pierson and Natalie Halcro tell HollywoodLife in a new EXCLUSIVE interview! The real-life cousins, best friends and social media sensations are giving fans an uncensored and unfiltered look into their lives in their new reality show, which premieres on E! on June 2. And, although the designers choose not to share every detail about their love lives on social media, they admit that their significant others will be part of Relatively Nat & Liv.  “We’re open about our love lives — 100 percent,” Natalie says. Olivia notes that fans will see their boyfriends “to a degree.” The reality stars did not go into further detail about their partners. 

As for what else fans can expect in the show’s debut season? — “There’s a wedding anniversary and a drag show,” Natalie teases, adding that viewers will see their travels in London, LA, and their native, Vancouver. “Just a lot going on, and most importantly, it’s just a lot of fun,” she adds. Olivia weighs in, explaining that fans will see the ins and outs of their business ventures. “We’re putting together our fashion line, so it follows that, and all our trials and tribulations,” she says, admitting that “it was a lot more difficult than we expected.” 

Relatively Nat & Liv will also feature their “crazy” family, including Nat’s brother, Joel and Liv’s brother, Owen. “We’re just a crazy family, but I think we’re kind of like everybody else,” Liv shares, adding that fans will be able to relate to their close-knit family dynamic. “Our moms are best friends, our dads are best friends. We each have a gay brother. They’re best friends. My sister has a newborn baby,” she explains. 

And, like any family, Nat and Liv’s loved ones go through drama and sibling rivalries. “There were some days where filming the show ended up being like therapy for us, because you’re under such a microscope and things come up that haven’t come up in years,” Natalie reveals. “And, people are kind of extra sensitive at times. So, that made it challenging some days.” 

But, at the end of the day, they’re all closer than ever. “It’s definitely sibling drama, like brothers and sisters who fight. But, we get over things pretty quickly,” Liv says. And, Nat agrees, adding, “We all love and support each other.” 

Nat and Liv also admit that fans will see a different side of them that they have yet to uncover. “We’re kind of like tomboys,” Nat says, explaining, “On Instagram, we obviously choose to show the glam side of us. We don’t really post no makeup and all that jazz, but that’s what you’re going to get to see on the show too. — It kind of grounds us when we’re back in Vancouver. And, we milk goats, we go fishing with no makeup and wear rubber boots.” Relatively Nat & Liv premieres on June 2, only on E!.