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‘Vanderpump Rules’ Cast Thinks It’s ‘Unfair’ That Lala Kent Refuses To Film Her Love Life

Fans of 'Vandepump Rules' get to see the cast mates' romance ups and downs...except for Lala Kent. Her co-stars think it's unfair that her movie producer fiance refuses to be filmed.

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Randall Emmett And Lala Kent
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One of the usual requirements of appearing on a reality show — especially as a cast regular — is that your life is laid bare for viewers. But when Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent, 29, got engaged to movie producer Randall Emmett, 48, in Sept. 2018, he didn’t appear on the show’s seventh and most recent season. That caused tension between her cast mates, who called her out on it during the reunion special for not showing her full life to viewers.

“Lala got called out on the VPR reunion because the whole cast doesn’t think it’s fair she’s allowed to pick pieces of her life to show. Randall has made it very clear he doesn’t want to be on the show, and even though he makes appearances on other reality shows and projects, he wants nothing to do with the VPR show itself,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY.

“Lala protects him and says that she gives enough of herself on the show to make up for it. She openly discusses her battles with anxiety, being sober, etc. But the whole cast is sick of it and wants her to have to show her whole life next season, now that she’s full time cast. Everyone feels it’s bullsh*t and unfair,” our insider continues.

Things got heated on the reunion show May 2 when host Andy Cohen asked her about why Randall isn’t part of VPR. “Number one, I don’t want him to be on it. The things that go on on the show, it does get very real and nitty gritty,” Lala responded but Andy could sense the tone in the room. He told her, “I’m sitting here looking around and thinking about everyone putting their relationships out there. Do you think that’s fair to the others that you’re on the show and you don’t show everything?”

“I think I show quite a bit,” she jumped in before Tom Sandoval told her, “You get a little extra that you get to keep tucked away versus us.” Then Lala tried to claim that Randall was far more important than everyone else’s BF’s and BF’s on the show, saying “Maybe if they had something really huge that they wanted to protect then maybe you wouldn’t have to worry about bringing them on the show.” Stassi Schroeder shot back “That’s kind of rude. My boyfriend is just as important as your fiance.” Lala’s only comeback was “There are a lot of men who don’t want to be on the show and Randall is one of them.”

Lisa Vanderpump got the last word in when she told Lala, “He’s the most important thing in your life and when you’re not showing that relationship basically you’re not showing what’s going on in your life.” She then asked if Randall socialized with the rest of the cast who all chimed in that he did (with the exception of James Kennedy) and Lisa told Lala, “Well then he should show some of his life on it,” since he’s already friends offscreen with her co-stars.