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Louis Tomlinson’s Sister Lottie Teases His New Music: It’s ‘Really Good’ & I’m ‘Very Excited’

While fans eagerly await for Louis Tomlinson's newest music, his little sister Lottie revealed that she has heard it and she's a fan!

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Lottie Tomlinson, 20, is one of her brother Louis Tomlinson’s biggest supporters. The self-tan creator revealed EXCLUSIVELY to HollywoodLife that she’s “very excited” for her 27-year-old brother’s new sound. “It’s really good, I love all his music but I’m biased,” the blonde beauty said. On a potential collaboration between the business owner and her singer brother, the younger sister revealed, “I don’t think there would be anything that would align with us both but you never know.”

If the two did do a collab, it probably wouldn’t involve singing. Lottie told us that she can’t really carry a tune! “I cannot sing at all,” the influencer revealed. “It’s so annoying. I actually love singing in the car but I’m just tone deaf, I cannot hit a note, unfortunately.” For right now, Lottie is focused on her tan line, which recently began selling at Target in the United States. “It’s clean and clear so it [doesn’t have] a base color, which doesn’t have all the chemicals in it,” she explained to HL. “We’ve got a water, a mousse, drops, and an instant. They’re all really different.”

The young star continued, “Our favorite are the drops just because you can use them in anything and they’re really simple for someone who hasn’t tanned before. All you need to do is drop it inside moisturizer, foundation, body lotion and apply as normal and then it’ll tan you.”

As for Lottie’s beauty go-to’s? “My canola oil just dropped, I literally want to wear some on the plane,” she said about battling the dry air. “On the long haul flight, I’ll take my makeup off, get my serum or moisturizer or whatever I’m using, add some drops, apply it, and by the time I land I’m tan, which is good. I love the Dior lip maximizer, Dior makeup. It’s like a gloss but then it plumps your lips at the same time. That’s another favorite. Tarte, I like Tarte at the minute, the shape tape concealer, I can’t go anywhere without that.”

We love hearing tips from Lottie herself, and can’t wait to try out her whole line. We’re so happy for the Tomlinson kids, and we wish nothing but success for all of them!