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Paris Hilton Drops Racy Music Video For ‘Best Friend’s A**’ With On-Again BFF Kim Kardashian

Sure enough Kim Kardashian has several cameos in Paris Hilton's newly dropped music video for 'Best Friend's A**,' and you can watch to see if KK really does flaunt her famous booty in it.

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Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton
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Well this is a bit of a letdown. When Paris Hilton got former and now on again bestie Kim Kardashian to do a cameo in her music video for “My Best Friend’s A**,’ naturally everyone thought she picked Kim for her famous booty. After all, the title talks about her best friend’s butt and Kim, 38, has one of the most sought after badonkadonk’s on the planet. But the song is more about Paris’ clubbing days and that’s the focus of the video. Kim doesn’t even show her behind, as she’s only seen from the torso up in two brief cameos when the video dropped on May 24.

The vid starts with a Paris impersonator in her iconic silver 21st birthday dress and a shorter dark-haired best friend  — assumed to be Kim — being turned away from a club then it eventually transitions to Paris today in a silver dress rocking out the lyrics. But even when Paris gets to the lyrics “But all I see is boys, boys everywhere tryna make a pass/But I can’t stop lookin’ at my best friend’s a**/ F**k boys everywhere tryna make a pass But I can’t stop lookin’ at my best friend’s a**,” Kim is still nowhere to be seen in the video.

Kim doesn’t appear until :55 seconds into the video and is only see from the shoulders up as Paris does a circle around her. She gives a sly smile at the camera but the shot is so tight that all we can see of her wardrobe is silver straps on her shoulders. The two ladies were photographed on set when the video was shot on May 2 and both were wearing super sexy silver mini-dresses.

We finally get to see a brief glimpse of Kim’s sensational look when she appears for a second time at the 2:43 mark, just 10 seconds before the song ends. Paris walks towards Kim inside a red-lit club and for a whopping two seconds the front of her sexy look and cleavage look can be seen. Then the camera goes in tight on Kim’s face as Paris whispers something in her ear and elicits a sly smile from her pal. And…that’s it! For a song titled “Best Friend’s A**, ” Kim’s butt was never seen.