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Wendy Williams: Why Her Breast Implants Are Still So Perky 25 Years After Plastic Surgery

Wendy Williams' breast implants look incredible after 25 years without any maintenance! Amazing, right? — Three board-certified plastic surgeons explained to HollywoodLife why her chest is still so perky after so long!

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Wendy Williams
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Wendy Williams, 54, revealed the secret to her elevated chest during her show on May 20 — breast implants! Before you think, “Well, obviously!”, there’s more to the talk show host’s key to perky breasts. Wendy explained how in 1994, she chose to have her implants surgically placed under the breast muscle. “I’m telling you, under-the-muscle implants since 1994!”, she confessed, adding, “They still stay up! If you’re going to do it, go under the muscle!” Breast implants can be inserted in multiple ways, one of which includes, on top of the breast, with incisions that can be made through the armpit, stomach, nipple, or under the breast.

As Wendy vowed, under the muscle is the way to go. But, why? HollywoodLife spoke with three board-certified plastic surgeons, who all weighed in on Wendy’s plastic surgery promise. — Dr. Daniel BarrettDr. McCoy Moretz, and Dr. Rady Rahban of Beverly Hills. 

“Aesthetically speaking, implants under the muscle typically stay in position longer. The implants will look younger and more perky longer,” Dr. Barrett, confirmed when presented with Wendy’s claim. He then explained the difference between breast implants over and under the muscle, and why under the muscle causes breasts to sit higher longer  after an augmentation. “Implants over the muscle are only held there by breast tissue and skin. Over time, as we lose skin elasticity and we age, it becomes more important for aesthetic reasons that the breast implants be placed under the muscle,” he said. Dr. Barrett also stated that the FDA has further information and health recommendations about breast implants. 

Wendy Williams in a plunging green dress in September 2015. (Photo credit: Shutterstock)

Dr. McCoy Moretz had a similar response: “Implants under muscle tend to last longer perky — less bottoming out of the implant over time. The implant is supported under the muscle,” he explained. Dr. Moretz, like Dr. Barrett, also stated that the FDA has important information about breast implants. He added: “All implants have a FDA determined life based on safety recommendations made during product manufacturing and clinical trials. It is not medically advisable to extend implant life past these dates.”

Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams in a sparkling silver dress in 2014. (Photo credit: Shutterstock)

Dr. Rady Rahban even affirmed that breast implants inserted under the muscle not only look perkier, but they look more natural! “Absolutely, he said, explaining that when you put the implants under the muscle “it looks more round.” Why? — “When you put it under the muscle you have the benefit of the muscle, in addition to the breast tissue covering the implant, hence creating a more natural looking outcome,” Dr. Rahban said, which led to our next question. — “What camouflage’s the breasts if the implants are inserted on top of the muscle?” 

Dr. Rahban explained: “The only thing camouflaging the implant is your breast tissue. But, most women who get an implant don’t have a lot of breast tissue,” therefore, they don’t have the extra coverage of the muscle since it sits on top. 

Editor’s notes: These interviews were conducted individually and were condensed for length. Although Wendy claims she has not had maintenance on her breast implants, all three doctors noted that the FDA does recommend patients have their implants replaced every 10 years regardless of the placement.