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Bret Michaels’ Daughter, Raine, 18, Reveals How She Got In Shape For ‘SI Swimsuit’ Issue

Get ready for Raine Michaels to rock the ‘Sports Illustrated Swimsuit’ issue. Bret Michaels’ daughter EXCLUSIVELY tells us how she got into such killer shape without 'restrictive dieting,' the advice Tyra Banks gave her, and more!

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Image Credit: Courtesy of Michael Franco

This is no “Unskinny Bop.” Raine Michaels, the 18-year-old daughter of hair metal rocker and Poison frontman Bret Michaels, will find “Nothin’ but a Good Time” within the pages of the 2019 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. Raine is one of six finalists of the Swimsuit model search, and considering the magazine was instrumental in launching the careers of Christie Brinkley, Kate Upton, and Chrissy Teigen, this is a big deal! Though, after looking at Raine, it’s no wonder that Sports Illustrated picked her. As to how she got into such great shape, Raine reveals her secrets EXCLUSIVELY to HollywoodLife, while dishing on the advice that the 2019 Swimsuit cover star, Tyra Banks, gave to her.

HollywoodLife: I know you’ve gotten to spend time with some of the other girls — Olivia Culpo, Tyra Banks. Who’s given you the best advice and what was that?

Raine Michaels: I’m really good friends with Camille Kostek, who just got the cover. I met Tyra Banks. She came and sat next to me at dinner and I was like, ‘oh my God, hi. Like, I love you. You’re such a role model for so many people.’ They just come by and they’re like, ‘okay, congratulations.’ They’re just so supportive and you’re just like, ‘wow. This is a huge model congratulating me.’

What advice did Tyra give you, if any at all?

Keep working hard. You’re already achieving some of your dreams. Keep going for it. Just keep working. And I was, ‘oh my God! I love you.’

How did you get in shape for the shoot?

I actually was in Nashville, Tennessee for school, at Belmont University. I have a membership at CorePower Yoga. I do yoga sculpt, which is like cardio in hot yoga. It’s kind of like yoga with weights and a bunch of abs and stuff. I did a lot of that. And then I also found a gym there that’s called HOTBOX Fitness. And it’s boxing in a heated room.

How do you get that insane rock hard stomach? 

Yoga and the boxing together just like, mixes. And my mom and dad are both very, like, they’re very toned and very muscular. So I think it’s more genetics, too.

When you finished the shoot, did you have a splurge meal? 

I wasn’t restrictive dieting. I think that almost makes your mental self kind of depressed. And you’re like, oh I can’t eat anything, blah-blah-blah. So I just, I eat healthy anyway, because I’m a vegetarian. My favorite food is salad, so I like to eat healthy. But afterwards, when I got home, I think I ate, like, pasta for sure. Because that’s my splurge. My splurge is pasta or pizza.

Are you single? Do you have a boyfriend?

No, I’m very single and ready to mingle.