Ali Wong Defends Friend Amy Schumer After She’s Mom-Shamed: ‘Mind Your Own Business’

Amy Schumer's mom-shamers beware: Ali Wong's got her friend's back, and she's calling you out!

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Amy Schumer has been a mother for less than a month, and she’s already getting publicly mom-shamed. The comedian was criticized by so-called fans online for going back to work just two weeks after the birth of her son with husband Chris Fischer, Gene Attell Fischer. All Amy did was post a cute pic of herself doing standup on Instagram, and the comments section flooded with ruthless remarks. “Already???? That’s insane!!! And inhumane. Contract or not you need to be allowed at least 6 weeks for maternity [sic],” one read. “”Didn’t you birth a human like 5 minutes ago?” another said.

One of Amy’s friends, comedian Ali Wong, was shocked to hear about what was happening to the new mom while speaking to HollywoodLife at the LA premiere of her new Netflix film, Always Be My Maybe. “I had no idea! I’m not on the internet, so I haven’t been up to date with everything,” Ali told us. “I’ve been so busy, so I didn’t know that was going on, but I think mom-shaming is always lame. Take care of your kids. Mind your own business, right?” We wholeheartedly agree!

Ali, who plays Doris on American Housewife and writes for Fresh Off The Boat, knows a thing or two about being a mother in the spotlight. She was heavily pregnant during both of her Netflix comedy specials, Ali Wong: Baby Cobra, in 2016, and Ali Wong: Hard Knock Wife, in 2018. Her shows were hilarious, and especially impressive, considering she stood onstage for hours each time while rocking a huge baby bump. Honestly, she’s our hero.

Amy is taking the mom-shaming in stride. When the first judgmental comments started rolling in, she ignored them and only responded to her friends. Like when her pal, journalist Jessica Yellin commented that she “can only imagine what a pump room looks like at a comedy club,” Amy said, “Every room is a pump room if you put your mind to it.” The next day, she shared a pic of herself pumping breast milk while only wearing underwear on Instagram, captioned, “Sending out love to the moms shaming me for doing standup last night!” Too good.

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