5SOS Return With BDSM-Inspired Video ‘Easier’ & Fans Can’t Get Enough Of Luke Hemmings’ Glitter Makeup

A new era of 5SOS is here. The boys just dropped a new song & video entitled 'Easier,' & it's their darkest one yet as Luke Hemmings literally gets chained up.

The boys are back! 5 Seconds of Summer dropped a new video on May 23 & it’s a wild, BDSM-centric video that has fans full on freaking out. “Easier,” not only marks a new era for the foursome, it marks their edgiest work yet. In the clip, there’s no shortage of flames, electric blue lights, dark caves, and chains — which are literally used to tie up vocalist Luke Hemmings!

Throughout the entire clip, Luke rocks silver, sparkling eyeshadow, and it’s almost too much for fans to handle. “LUKE HEMMINGS IN GLITTER EYESHADOW IS WHAT I LIVE FOR,” one fan wrote on Twitter. “LUKE IN GLITTER SAVED MY LIFE,” another excitedly tweeted. “The glittery eye look luke you are the best man,” another wrote, co-signing his bold makeup choice.

Plus, as promised, the video was unlike anything the pop rock quartet have released before. “BDSM is obviously their new era,” one fan tweeted after watching the visual. “Did 5sos just subconsciously get us into bdsm?” another fan cheekily questioned.


Watch the new video from 5SOS above! After seeing the flame-filled clip, fans are convinced that their new album is going to be next level. “THIS ALBUM IS GOING TO BE JUST SO Fu**ING GOOD OMG,” one fan wrote on Twitter.

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