‘The Challenge’ Recap: The Sole Champion Of ‘War Of The Worlds’ Is Revealed

After an absolutely BRUTAL 50 mile final, the winner of 'The Challenge: War of the Worlds' is finally revealed during the May 22 finale!

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The finale of The Challenge: War of the Worlds picks up with Wes, Theo and Turbo in the Tribunal, and they’re tasked with voting either Hunter, Natalie or Cara Maria into an elimination. Wes votes for Cara, but Turbo and Theo pick Hunter, so he’s going in. Hunter chooses Natalie as his opponent, out of respect for his fellow veteran. After already completing a 24-mile bike/running race earlier that day, Hunter and Natalie are to get pulled by a giant monster truck. Whoever holds on the longest wins. Hunter’s legs eventually cramp up, and he gives in, meaning he’s headed home in sixth place.

After a night of sleep in the ‘pain locker,’ the remaining five competitors wake up to a game of trivia. Cara wins, which means she gets to travel the first mile of the next part of the race in a dune buggy, while the others have to make their way through the desert and over massive sand dunes on foot. It turns out her advantage doesn’t really matter, though, because at the first checkpoint, she has to wait for another player to arrive for a giant game of Connect 4.

Cara loses to Turbo, then Hunter and then Natalie, who all get to continue on. Wes picks up the rear, and she’s able to beat him, which results in a five minute penalty for Wes. At the next checkpoint, the first person to arrive gets to divvy up food items amongst the remaining players — and you can’t continue until you eat it all. Turbo gets there first, and decides to give Wes and Theo the majority of the food.

The group finishes this leg of the grueling race in the following order: Turbo, Cara, Theo, Natalie, Wes. But it’s not over yet! Next, they have to run a five mile race down the beach and solve math problems along the way to get a combination that unlocks a kayak. However, there’s five people left and only four kayaks, so one person will be eliminated before the final ends — even if their overall time puts them in first place. After the kayak race, it’s a sprint to the finish, where the times are added up to determine a winner.

Theo arrives at the kayaks first, but can’t figure out his combination, and has to run back to do the math again. Turbo gets his kayak first, followed by Wes and Natalie. Former partners, Cara and Theo, go head-to-head with their locks, and Theo manages to finish first, which means Cara is eliminated. Theo finishes the final sprint first followed by Turbo, Ninja and Wes.

Finally, it’s time to find out the winner. Natalie finishes in fourth place (no money). Wes gets third place ($50,000). Theo comes in second place ($200,000). So, that means TURBO is the winner of the $750,000 prize!

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