Meghan McCain Apologizes After Spoiling ‘Game Of Thrones’ Finale On ‘The View’: ‘I’m So Sorry’

Too soon. Meghan McCain jumped the gun in offering her thoughts on the 'Game of Thrones' finale, one day after it aired. Although she apologized, 'The View' host did poke fun at the backlash.

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Meghan McCain Game Of Thrones
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Meghan McCain, 34, thought she was in the safe zone when she chatted about the Game of Thrones finale on her show, The View, on May 20. The finale was the talk of Twitter after it aired on Sunday night, May 19, but Meghan still faced an upset crowd when she spilled the beans on who got to rule Westeros. To avoid the wrath of even more angry HBO viewers, Meghan issued a warning to Twitter fans on the same day that her talk show episode aired. “I’m so sorry for the #GOT spoilers on the show today! I assumed every diehard fan had watched! My bad. Don’t watch west coast if you don’t want a spoiler. 😞,” Meghan tweeted on Monday morning, May 20.

However, the daytime host did get a laugh out of her on-air faux pas. She retweeted a Mediaite article that read, “Game of Thrones Finale Sets Record As Most Watched HBO Episode Ever,” and wrote above the headline, “So I wasn’t the only one who watched last night! 😜.”

Despite the record-breaking episode, there were indeed fans sitting in The View audience who had yet to see the finale — including Meghan’s very own co-host, Sunni Hostin. They were understandably upset when Meghan vented on the show, “I spent eight years of my life watching this, and it was a horrible ending. Horrible. Bran is the worst. Sorry, spoiler. He didn’t do anything, and now he gets to rule? It should have been the mother of dragons —” She couldn’t even finish that thought, because Sunni cried out, “Oh, Meghan! I’m only on season four!”

While the cameras were still rolling, Meghan tried to justify revealing the big spoiler. She told The View audience, “Sorry! But it’s all over the Internet! I wasn’t told I wasn’t allowed to say it. I’m sorry, everybody. It’s all over the internet. You would’ve found out one way or another. As a dedicated fan who watched live last night like everyone’s supposed to, okay, it was terrible. I was so disappointed. I’m sorry you guys were so triggered by me telling you the ending.” Too soon Meghan, too soon.