‘Game Of Thrones’ Theory: Jon Snow Will Take Down Daenerys To Save Sansa

It's no secret that Daenerys and Sansa don't like each other. In the wake of Dany destroying King's Landing, Daenerys will likely go after Sansa and that will be Jon's breaking point with her in the finale.

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Daenerys Targaryen has gone to great lengths to rid herself of her enemies and the people that she thinks are her enemies. She had Varys killed for treason. She destroyed Cersei and all of King’s Landing in a brutal fire massacre. She killed thousands of innocent people just to win the Iron Throne. Now she has it, but she knows it’s not rightfully hers. Ever since she learned that Jon Snow is the rightful heir to the Iron Throne, the secret has been eating away at her. Jon Snow doesn’t want the Iron Throne. He’s been very adamant about that and his loyalty to Daenerys, but Dany can’t let it go. The truth is festering her brain.

She does love Jon Snow, but she does not trust his family whatsoever, especially Sansa. Daenerys and Sansa have been at odds with each other all season long, and Sansa has pushed Daenerys’s buttons at almost every turn. Jon Snow told Sansa, Arya, and Bran his secret even though Dany begged him not to say anything. Sansa told Tyrion, who told Varys. Varys’s then loyalties shifted in Jon’s favor. Sansa doesn’t think Daenerys should be on the Iron Throne. She trusts her family and only her family.

Daenerys sees Sansa as her enemy, especially now that she’s seen what Sansa can do with information that could bring down everything Dany has worked for. I think Daenerys will threaten to kill Sansa or maybe even try to have her killed for treason. Possibly Arya as well. This would mirror what Dany’s father, the Mad King, did to Ned Stark’s brother, Brandon. Brandon rode to King’s Landing demanding justice after Lyanna Stark’s supposed kidnapping by Rhaegar Targaryen. King Aerys II had Brandon arrested for treason and later had him executed along with his father. Daenerys has been following in her Mad King father’s footsteps so it wouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that she would try something like this with the Starks.

Daenerys tried to turn Jon Snow against Sansa after finding out his secret had spread. “She betrayed your trust,” Daenerys said. “She killed Varys as much as I did. This is a victory for her. Now she knows what happens when people hear the truth about you.” She later told Tyrion about Sansa, “She trusts you. She trusted you to spread secrets that could destroy your own queen. And you did not let her down.”

Jon Snow will not stand by and let Daenerys hurt Sansa, no matter how much he loves her. I truly believe he will kill Daenerys to save Sansa and his family. Jon Snow may not be Ned Stark’s son, but he loves his family. The Starks are the only family Jon has ever known. Dany is family, too, but Jon looks at her as a lover, not his aunt.

As Arya said to Jon after the Battle of Winterfell, “We’re family. The four of us. The last of the Starks.” Jon knows he was wrong in trusting Daenerys. He has seen the chaos and destruction that Daenerys has caused first-hand when there was another way to take the Iron Throne without bloodshed. For the Starks, there’s nothing stronger than family. The Starks have never fared well in King’s Landing in the past, but that’s going to change with Jon Snow. The Game of Thrones series finale airs May 19 at 9 p.m. on HBO.