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Prince Jackson ‘Really In Love’ With College GF Molly: They Could ‘Definitely’ Get Married Someday

Has the King of Pop’s ‘prince’ found his queen? Prince Jackson, who passionately kissed his girlfriend after graduating college, is ‘in love,’ and we’ve EXCLUSIVELY learned that it wouldn’t be unheard of if these two got hitched!

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While Prince Jackson, 22, has done his best to keep his romance with Molly on the down-low, there was no way he could conceal his love after the two of them graduated from Loyola Marymount University. Prince posted a shot of them kissing on Instagram, and as a source close to Prince EXCLUSIVELY tells, it wouldn’t be unusual if these crazy kids ran off and got married. “Prince and Molly are really great for each other, and they really are in love. Things are very easy for them since they don’t put their relationship in the spotlight. They have a normal relationship and care deeply about one another,” the source says.

“They are also so excited to have graduated together because it adds just another amazing memory they have with each other,” the insider tells “Everyone has high school sweethearts, but Prince has definitely found his college sweetheart, one that he can definitely see marrying one day. But, people have to realize they are young and it will not be happening anytime soon.” So, if anyone wants to see a Jackson family wedding, they better not hold their breath.

The insider says that both Prince and Molly are in their early twenties, so they aren’t in a rush to get hitched, “but they both believe strongly that they will get married to each other someday.” The key word is “someday,” because the source says that Prince “wants to get his career off the ground before he settles down in marriage and starts having kids.”

Along with sharing the snap of him smooching his sweetheart, Prince posted pictures of his family attending his gradation – including Prince Michael Jackson II, 17, (aka “Blanket”) and his grandmother, Katherine Jackson, 89. Prince gave some love to many of his family members in the caption of his graduation pic. “I wish I could thank everyone that helped me make it to the end but I can’t, and unfortunately they’re not all pictured here,” he wrote. “But the biggest thanks goes to [TJ Jackson] and his brothers [Taryll Jackson] and [Taj Jackson] who kept pushing me to graduate and finish up my degree when I wanted to quit.” Expect them all to get an invite to Prince’s wedding when he decides to get down on one knee.