Kylie Jenner Trolled For Completely Ignoring Kendall During An Anxiety Attack Before The Met Gala

What do you do when your sister tells you that she’s having an anxiety attack before you go to one of the biggest showbiz events of the year? Kylie Jenner’s unbothered response is sending Twitter into a meltdown.

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Fans of Kendall and Kylie Jenner can’t get over a candid moment between the two before they headed over to the Met Gala in New York on May 6. On May 8 a fan tweeted a video of the sisters, all dressed up in their haute couture finery, in a room, before they walked the red carpet. In the clip Kendall, 23, looked very nervous. “I have, literally, crazy anxiety. I can’t stop,” she told her sister.

Kylie, 21, didn’t seem concerned at all. She looked her sister up and down and, without missing a beat, she said, “I’m not wearing the taller shoes. You think I should?” Fan Joe Hegyes tweeted the clip adding, “Kylie’s reaction to Kendall saying she’s having an anxiety attack is actually me.” The model clearly loved his take on the exchange with her beauty mogul sibling, because she shared his tweet and added, “Sisters.”

Many fans trolled Kylie for the way she responded to Kendall. “She [sic] like ‘k’ lmao,” one person responded. Another fan shared a GIF of a young Fred Savage, with the word, “#Savage.” Meanwhile, another person wrote, “[The] girl didn’t even hear her sister. She was too busy worrying about her shoes and was just waiting for Kendall to stop talking so she can talk about herself.”

But, while some people thought Kylie’s reaction was a bit cold, others praised the mom-of-one and said that she did the right thing. “Actually if you had a panic or anxiety attack Kylie did exactly what she needed in that moment…” one fan tweeted, “sounds weird but effective.” Others agreed. “Notice the quick look up & down Kylie gives Kendall?” another person added. “She acknowledged how Kendall was feeling without anyone realising [sic] & proceeds to talk about shoes as a distraction – very common technique when trying to calm someone who’s having an anxiety attack.” Whatever Kylie’s intent, many fans thought the sibling exchange was hilarious!